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Scary and, in fact, vaguely inexplicable news out of Puerto Rico, as thieves robbed golfing legend Chi Chi Rodriguez of $500,000 in cash and jewelry. The robbery occurred in his home at Legado Golf Resort in Guayama. 

Here's the scary part: Rodriguez and his wife were asleep when the robbery happened, about 1:45 a.m. They were awakened and tied up at gunpoint by three assailants. The thieves apparently even stole Rodriguez's wife's wedding ring off her finger.

Rodriguez, 74, is one of golf's most famous showmen, a legendary figure with his toreador celebrations and his classic up-from-poverty origins. He learned the game by using a tree limb as a club and a tin can as a ball, a story he told us here a year or so ago

Thankfully, Rodriguez and his wife were unharmed, albeit shaken up pretty badly. But we're thankful it didn't end up being much worse — and we hope whoever did this gets brought to justice in a hurry.  

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Devil Ball Golf

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