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Planning on attending the upcoming celebrity golf event in Lake Tahoe to catch a glimpse of your favorite athlete or actor? If so, here's a suggestion you may want to take to heart: don't follow Charles Barkley's group.

Seriously, just don't do it. I know, I know ... it's fun following a guy with a swing that would make even the worst golf hack look like a pro. But based on what Sir Charles is considering, standing anywhere near him during the tournament would not be advisable.

After years of dealing with a severe hitch in his golf swing, Barkley said he's considering switching to the left side of the golf ball for the celebrity golf tournament."It can't be worse," Barkley told the AP. "It's not like I'm kicking (butt) right-handed."

Well, at least he's being honest when it comes to his game. But seriously, the last thing I'd want to see is Barkley showing up at any event while he's in the process of scraping his entire swing and going to the other side of the ball.

Sure, Chuck's swing can't get any worse from the right side, but give yourself three or four months, at the very least, to get a feel for an entirely different swing. Regardless, you've been warned, people.

Oh, and if anybody is brave enough to follow Barkley, please consider bringing a video camera to chronicle the event. I'm going to guess we'll see at least two YouTube-able Chuckster clips from the tournament.

(h/t Shackelford)

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Devil Ball Golf

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