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This one's for the ladies. Equal time and all that.

You may remember about this time last year when news broke that several lovely ladies from the LPGA would be posing nude for ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue. That's ESPN's we'll-do-you-one-better to Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, and it features many of your favorite athletes sans clothes -- if, you know, you're into that sort of thing.

Well, the Body Issue is coming around again to make you feel bad about your extra pounds and untoned muscles, and this year's model will have another golf connection.

Yep, Camilo Villegas will be appearing in the issue, holding nothing but his putter.*

Villegas, who's as sculpted as many of his fellow golfers are lumpy, apparently contacted the magazine himself to participate. "It was uncomfortable," Villegas told the New York Times. "Getting naked in front of a camera is not what I do for a living. In those moments when it was really awkward, I kept thinking I’ve worked really hard to accomplish these results, and that helped me to relax." Close your eyes and think of push-ups, Camilo. That always works.

Anyway, I'd imagine this'll get Villegas a few more female fans. And as long as he doesn't do that Spider-Man-on-the-greens move while buck naked, I think we'll all get through this just fine.

*-No idea whether he's holding his putter or not. Buy the issue and see!

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Devil Ball Golf

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