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In the latest "that can't be real ... can it?" ad, we have Tiger Woods putting a Rubik's Cube. Yes, putting a cube. And doing a pretty good job of it, too, as you can see below. (Firefox users, click here for the video.)

Add this to the ever-growing list of commercials showing athletes performing unearthly feats, like LeBron James nailing 90-footers, ball girls scaling the wall to catch foul balls, and Tiger himself walking on water. (We don't see the one where Michael Vick throws a ball out of the stadium much anymore. Wonder why.)

But could Tiger's shot be real? New behind-the-scenes video evidence seems to suggest that this one might just be legit. So? Whaddaya think? Real or no? And should we demand realism from our commercials, or is a little exaggeration in the name of product placement okay with everybody?

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Devil Ball Golf

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