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It's the end of the decade of the 2000s, and we're looking back on some of golf's most memorable moments. Today, it's the best shots by the best player in the game. Tiger fans, enjoy. 

1. 2005 Masters, 16th hole. We called this the best shot of the decade a week ago, and our opinion hasn't changed. Check it:

2. 2002 PGA Championship, 18th hole. The one shot we don't have video from, but it's here because Tiger has ranked it as the No. 1 shot he's ever hit in his professional career. He was 202 yards from the pin in a fairway bunker amid 20-mph wins. Not only did he clear the bunker, he stuck the ball to within 12 feet of the hole. A beauty that you'll have to picture in your mind's eye.

3. 2008 Open, 18th hole. The most important shot of one of the most amazing tournaments in recent memory. Amazing how he keeps doing it, time after time, year after year, huh?

4. 2000 Canadian Open, 18th hole. A 220-yard bunker shot, carrying over water, to set him up for the eventual win. Unbelievable.

5. 2001 Players Championship, 17th hole. How many times did this one break before going in? "Better than most," indeed.

6. 2008 Arnold Palmer Invitational, 18th hole. With a 24-footer to beat Bart Bryant, Tiger stepped up ... and threw down.

7. 2009 Arnold Palmer Invitational, 18th hole. One year after defeating Bryant, Woods stepped up and captured his first win after his return from knee surgery. Was there any doubt?

8. 2000 PGA Championship, first playoff hole. Against Bob May, Tiger drained a birdie on the first playoff hole with a classic chase-and-point. They'd play two more, but the birdie would hold up.

9. 2007 Masters, 11th hole. Tiger broke his club against a tree and still managed a perfect shot. Some things just ain't fair.

10. 2004 Memorial, 14th hole. Check this beauty of a flop shot. A thing of simplicity itself ... if you're Tiger. 

Bonus: The Jesus Shot. Because you always suspected this was true.

All right, your turn. What did we miss? Where do you rank each of these shots? Have your say!

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Devil Ball Golf

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