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As you've probably noticed, things have been a little different around here the last few days. When you logged off right before Thanksgiving, this was a place of golf conversation, with the occasional rant, weird video or exotic golf locale thrown in for good measure. Now, you come back and we're neck-deep in tabloidy headlines. Some of you are cool with that. Some of you aren't. Believe me, I understand both sides.

Here's the deal. Even in the best of times, we focus a lot on Tiger Woods -- how he played, what he shot, what he did on the golf course. Everyone in this sport does; he's the centerpiece around whom all of golf revolves.

But just because his story has now left the golf course and entered the realm of celebrity scandal, we can't ignore what's going on. He's a public figure, and news is continuing to break about him. You may not like the news that's coming out, you may not want to read it, you may not even think it qualifies as "news" at all. I get that. But we have an obligation to present it, in as fair and evenhanded a way as possible.

Let me emphasize this: I have nothing but respect for Tiger as a golfer. I think he's the greatest ever, and much as I love Jack Nicklaus, I'd be happy to see Tiger break his majors record. Outside of that, I can't claim to know Tiger as a person; the extent of our "relationship" is merely questions asked and answered across a press tent.

But my greater obligation is to this story. My goal as this unfolds is to present the facts, provide links to sources, and allow you to make up your own mind. Along the way, I'm also going to offer my opinion at certain times, and it'll be very obvious when I do -- that's my picture there at right, after all. (The far right, not Al Czervik.) It'll then be up to you to decide whether you agree or disagree with me, or whether you skip over the Tiger posts entirely. Honestly, I wouldn't blame you if you did that. (Just make sure you keep visiting the site, because we'll still have plenty of non-Tiger, golf-centric material as well.)

And somewhere along the way -- probably several times -- we'll stop to examine why we're even following this path at all. That's a major issue, but it's one we'll leave for later discussion.

And for those of you just now discovering Devil Ball -- welcome. Glad you're here. Hope you'll hang out long after this is over, however long it lasts and however it turns out.

Thanks, as always, for reading. And feel free to keep in touch -- you can reach me at

More soon.

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