Madden NFL 11 Still a Popular Sports Video Game

The popular installment in the Madden NFL series, Madden NFL 11, has been out for almost two years now. Even then, it still remains one of the popular sports video games to date. Here is a look at Madden NFL 11's graphics, gameplay, sound, difficulty, and strategy.


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To start off, the graphics in Madden NFL 11 are a great improvement to previous games, although some might consider the cinematic scenes sloppily done. Gamers will appreciate the excellent 3D rendering along with the much-improved textures.


The gameplay of the main game is solid and fun. It has many moments where you might just have to stand up and celebrate; for me, this happened mostly after I returned a kickoff for a touchdown and when I got a long pass.

However, the "Madden Ultimate Team" mode was not nearly as fun for me. In order for you to get players on your team you have to pay them, and if you can't win a rather high percent of the time you will have to start spending real money to keep your players. After starting an ultimate team I was only able to play for a little bit before I began to lose players and then I didn't have enough players to play the game. Not interested in having EA take more of my money I decided it would be best to just stop playing that mode.


The game has amazing sound effects and voice acting. Good voice acting, most notably Gus Johnson's play by play, help make the game a lot deeper. 26 songs, 7 of which are team fight songs, add to the realism of the game especially with Dolby surround sound.


The main campaign and individual game aspect of Madden NFL 11 allow variations in difficulty. Players new to football or video games, or both, can turn the settings down to make the game easier. Players who have had more experience (either from other games or playing enough on lower settings) can turn the difficulty up to make it more of a challenge.

Online play offers various difficulties as you compete against other players over the internet.


One of the negative aspects of online play are that there are certain strategies that definitely work better than others, and when people start to copy each other it can get very repetitive.

The "GameFlow" concept allows players to create a situational strategy that will reduce the time players spend looking at a strategy selection screen. Personally I enjoy trying to make different plays on a regular basis so I don't really enjoy this feature; others may put more weight on the technical aspect of the gameplay.


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Updated Saturday, Mar 10, 2012