Denver Broncos Defense Getting Added like Crazy: Fantasy Football Report

The top added player in Yahoo! Fantasy Football leagues today wasn't even a player; it was the Denver Broncos defense. Fans are pretty excited about the potential of the Broncos defense to put up big points this week, and it has led to many owners heading to the waiver wire.

The Denver Broncos take on the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday, Dec. 4, and many owners feel that pass-rusher Von Miller(notes) could have a huge game. He has been putting up great statistics all season, but going against a really weak Vikings front line and rookie quarterback could lead to sacks and turnovers galore. This is a defense with three straight impressive performances against the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets and San Diego Chargers.

Against San Diego the Broncos defense had 7 fantasy football points, against the Jets they had 17 (with 3 sacks and a return touchdown) and against the Chiefs they had 4 sacks for 8 fantasy points. Back in Week 10 just 7 percent of all Yahoo! Fantasy Football leagues had the Broncos defense on a team, but that number has now jumped a bit in the past few days. It's not a surprise though, because many owners are trying to make a splash in the first round of league playoffs by using the waiver wire to their advantage.

Many are quick to claim that the Broncos defense is the real reason that the team is winning, and not just because quarterback Tim Tebow(notes) has been spectacular. Tebow has certainly been great, but the defense is keeping the Broncos in games just long enough for him to have his weekly heroics. Now the defense gets to go up against a really weak team that is just 2-9 this year, and it could turn into a great opportunity for the defense to get sacks, interceptions and maybe even one or two defensive touchdowns.

This is a good week for Miller to also prove that he deserves recognition for being one of the best defensive players in the league and he could clinch the award for Defensive Rookie of the Year with some great numbers in front of a national audience. Picking up the Broncos seems like a very safe waiver wire transaction for Week 13, and that's why so many owners are trying to take advantage of the situation.

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Updated Friday, Dec 2, 2011