Fantasy Standouts for Eagles Offense Through Bye Week: A Fan’s Opinion

The Philadelphia Eagles have a bye in Week Seven. That means fantasy owners don't have to worry about how any members of the team will perform this week. With the bye week here, it is a good time to evaluate which Eagles players have stood out the most so far in the 2011 season. In terms of offensive players, the Eagles have gotten some big numbers from several players. Here are the five Eagles that have stood out the most through the first six games of the season in terms of fantasy numbers.

1. LeSean McCoy(notes)

McCoy has been a superstar so far in 2011. Through six games, McCoy has run for 569 yards and six touchdowns. That is all the more impressive when you consider the fact that McCoy was non-factor in one game, getting only nine carries for 18 yards. Generally speaking, he has been the most consistent fantasy player on the team. To make him even more appealing to fantasy owners, McCoy also has a pair of receiving touchdowns.

2. Michael Vick(notes)

Vick has already thrown more interceptions than he did in all of 2010. However, he has also put up some big numbers on offense. Vick has already passed the 1,500 yard mark and thrown nine touchdown passes. He has also picked up 372 yards on the ground. Vick's interception total was boosted by the terrible game against the Buffalo Bills. Many of his picks were also the fault of the receivers. Overall, he has been a quality fantasy starter.

3. Jeremy Maclin(notes)

Maclin has been a strong receiver for the most part during the season. His 37 receptions, 489 yards, and three receiving touchdowns all top the team. Maclin has blossomed into one of the leading receivers in the NFL. His fumble might have hurt some fantasy owners, but Maclin is still a viable starter every week. He has benefited from a healthy Vick getting the ball in big situations.

4. DeSean Jackson(notes)

Jackson has been up and down. But when he is on, he is good. Overall, Jackson has good numbers among NFL receivers. He was pretty quiet during the home losses to the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers but has found his stride since then. Jackson only has two receiving touchdowns but has made up for that with a lot of yards. Like Maclin, Jackson is a great choice to start because he can post a big game at any time.

* - Mark Paul is a regular fantasy football player and fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Updated Friday, Oct 21, 2011