Ten players I love more than you

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I’m not here to talk about Davis Love, Kevin Love or G. Love, but the special sauce below can help you to a championship. Get out the notebooks.

Jay Cutler(notes): If you didn’t have to pay a tax on all those interceptions, 2009 wasn’t so bad (27 TDs, almost 3700 yards). Now he gets to pull the strings in the Mike Martz offense; so long as the deep drops and the offensive line don’t kill him, pinball numbers should follow.

Jermichael Finley(notes): If you can get him 2-3 rounds after Dallas Clark(notes) and Antonio Gates(notes), that’s highway robbery. I’m not saying all of you can do that, but I know some of you will. The word “freak” gets thrown around too much in our game these days, but when it comes to Finley, there’s no better way to describe his physical gifts.

Johnson could be a league-changing pick.
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Calvin Johnson(notes): If Matthew Stafford(notes) takes any kind of a step forward, Johnson has a legitimate shot at 18-20 touchdowns. This is the type of second or third-round pick that can win a league for you.

Johnny Knox(notes): Some receiver is going to be a ridiculous bargain in the Mike Martz scheme, and for my money Knox is the guy to bet on. He’s got a better pedigree than Devin Aromashodu(notes) and his skill set looks like a better fit to the Martz world. I also like that Knox immediately earned a starter’s spot on the early depth chart.

Dustin Keller(notes): He quietly scored three times in the playoffs but no one has said a peep about him since. The Jets won’t need Keller to catch 80 balls, but he might surprise you with 7-8 touchdowns.

Steve Smith (NYG): He’s not the sexiest receiver, but he’s the guy Eli Manning(notes) looks to constantly on third down. Smith will keep most of last year’s surprising haul, and you won’t have to pay through the nose for these numbers.

Tom Brady(notes): For the first time in several seasons, you can get a nice price (and make a tidy profit) on Brady. Don’t forget he’s two years removed from that nasty knee injury.

49ers Defense: The perfect setup – a team on the rise, a dynamo in the middle of the scheme, and a cost that’s reasonable on draft day. A manageable schedule helps the cause as well.

Ahmad Bradshaw(notes): Bet against Brandon Jacobs(notes) whenever possible. Bradshaw is obviously faster, and he might be tougher, too.

Vince Young(notes): He’s never going to be a pocket passing star but he has made some improvements in that area and don’t forget how valuable rushing production is at this position; Young’s value might surprise you when you do the math. If you are one of the last teams to take a starting quarterback, Young makes sense as an upside No. 2.

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Updated Tuesday, Jul 27, 2010