Ten players I hate more than you

More top 10 hate: Andy Behrens | Brad Evans | Scott Pianowski

The Yahoo! Sports fantasy experts spread their love here, here, here and here last week. This week, we’ve been asked to pass out a bile-filled round of Hater-ade – calling out the fantasy football players that, based on where they are going in recent drafts, we will go out of our way to avoid. That’s easy. If reader feedback has taught us anything, it’s how to pass the trash – and I say this with the utmost affection.

Here are 10 players I hate more than you …

Eli Manning(notes) – The departures of Derrick Ward(notes), Amani Toomer(notes) and Plaxico Burress(notes) represent a huge chunk of Manning’s passing-game pie. The Giants will likely play it more conservative than ever without proven go-to types in the receiving corps.

Ben Roethlisberger(notes) – Brand-name Ben has managed more than 18 TD passes just once in his five seasons in the league. Those that draft him as a starter need to be reminded that Super Bowl rings is not a default fantasy category.

Willis McGahee(notes) – There’s just not a whole lot of juice left in McGahee – he had the most carries (170) among those that finished with just one (or less) rushing play of 20-plus yards in ’08. McGahee’s time in Baltimore is nearing an end, especially after head coach John Harbaugh recently had this to say about second-year back Ray Rice(notes): “People see him as a third-down back because of the success he had last year, but I don’t think we have any question that he can be an every-down back.”

Cedric Benson(notes) – I’m not going to let a couple hundred-yard games in Week 16 and Week 17 against Cleveland and Kansas City – both among the five worst run defenses in the league last season – push me into the Benson business. In fact, I’ll make sure to keep Brian Leonard(notes) and Kenny Watson(notes) on my “Watch List.”

Thomas Jones(notes) – Ok, Behrens officially hates Jones more than me, but not one of the Yahoo! fantasy guys is daring to buy into that anomalous ’08 campaign.

Santana Moss(notes) – A combined 15 TDs and eight 100-yard games in the past three seasons is not the kind of production you’d like to see from a fantasy No. 2 wideout. There’s about 10-12 receivers typically taken after him in drafts that I’d prefer.

Brett Favre(notes) – Will he or won’t he? Who freakin’ cares? In the fantasy game, we’re talking about a fairly average quarterback at this point. But, that’s the problem – we’re talking way too much about a fairly average quarterback. I’ve never really been one for bowing down at the alter of Brett. If he plays, I have no problem putting him into employment as my backup to someone like, say, Matt Schaub(notes). But I’ll leave the butt-kissing to ESPN and Cheeseheads.

Chris Chambers(notes) – He’s pushing top 40 wideout territory in early Yahoo! drafts. That’s way too high for a player that hasn’t scored more than five TDs or topped 1,000 yards in any of the past three seasons – especially when you consider that that player is going to have to fight LaDainian Tomlinson(notes), Antonio Gates(notes) and Vincent Jackson(notes) for the pigskin.

Stephen Gostkowski(notes) – Because someone will surely take him before the last round – even as high as the 67th pick, if Yahoo! average live draft data is to be believed.

Jeremy Shockey(notes) – This note from his Yahoo! player page explaining why he was treated for dehydration at a Las Vegas hospital in late May says it all:

Shockey, speaking to reporters Friday, appeared to indicate the Las Vegas incident was indeed caused by drinking alcohol on a hot day. “If you’re halfway intelligent you can read what everybody wrote,” Shockey said. “You know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That’s in the past. I’m looking forward to the future.”