High Fives: The Next LJ

High Fives: The Next LJ
By Brandon Funston
August 23, 2006

Brandon Funston
Yahoo Sports
Brandon Funston
Christopher Harris
Brad Evans
Yahoo! Sports' trio of fantasy experts will each offer up, on a regular basis, a look at their top five lists dealing with a variety of topics.

This week's topics (fantasy football): The next Larry Johnson, impact rookie RBs, players to reach for, players with overinflated price tags and, to add a little pop culture, the most inspirational sports movies.

Top 5 Players You're Willing to Reach For (based on Yahoo! drafts)
Brandon Says: Christopher Says: Brad Says:
  1. Roy Williams, Det, WR – Better Catch-to-TD ratio than Moss; Now he has Martz
  2. Eli Manning, NYG, QB – Has embarrassment of riches to work with
  3. Frank Gore, SF, RB
  4. Chris Cooley, Was, TE
  5. Greg Jones, Jac, RB – Bulldozer is a Fragile Fred away from big time
  1. Jake Delhomme, Car, QB – No, I'm not on crack
  2. Donovan McNabb, Phi, QB
  3. Frank Gore, SF, RB – Not much of a sleeper anymore
  4. Donald Driver, GB, WR – Seems I've gotten him in every league I'm in
  5. Benjamin Watson, NE, TE
  1. Derrick Mason, Bal, WR – Averaged 86 rec, 7 TDs w/ McNair ('01-'04)
  2. Deuce McAllister, NO, RB
  3. Anquan Boldin, Ari, WR
  4. Kurt Warner, Ari, QB – Will post huge #'s w/ Boldin, Fitz and best 5 o’ clock shadow in NFL
  5. Javon Walker, Den, WR – Your 2006 Comeback Player of the Year
Top 5 Players Being Drafted Too High (based on Yahoo! drafts)
Brandon Says: Christopher Says: Brad Says:
  1. Peyton Manning, Ind, QB
  2. Tom Brady, NE, QB – Will hand off more w/ Dillon/Maroney in tow and questions at WR
  3. Domanick Davis, Hou, RB – "I see dead people"
  4. Neil Rackers, Ari, K – For example: Feely had 3 less fantasy points, and you can get him 2 rounds later
  5. Santonio Holmes, Pit, WR – Rookie and No. 3 WR on a run-heavy team; Not worth a pick this year
  1. Peyton Manning, Ind, QB – I can't take a QB fourth overall
  2. Domanick Davis, Hou, RB
  3. Chicago Bears Defense – Too early for any defense
  4. Deion Branch, NE, WR
  5. Curtis Martin, NYJ, RB – Probably shouldn't be drafted at all
  1. Reggie Bush, NO, RB – Someone please pull an “Office Space” and take a sledgehammer to his hype machine
  2. Peyton Manning, Ind, QB
  3. Chicago Bears Defense – Not even Mike Ditka would take the Bears at pick No. 46. Then again …
  4. Santana Moss, Was, WR
  5. Neil Rackers, Ari, K – If you take a kicker in the sixth round, maybe you collect Barbie dolls as a hobby
Top 5 Players That Could Have a Larry Johnson-Type Impact (rookies excluded)
Brandon Says: Christopher Says: Brad Says:
  1. T.J. Duckett, Was, RB – Portis has bum shoulder and 'Skins have great run ingredients
  2. Greg Jones, Jac
  3. Chris Perry, Cin, RB – Rudi never gets hurt, but if he does …
  4. Mike Anderson, Bal, RB – Has knack for bubbling to the surface, and Lewis has hip injury
  5. Marion Barber, Dal, RB
  1. Thomas Jones, Chi, RB – Bears RB slot will be a mess all year
  2. Mike Anderson, Bal, RB
  3. Ryan Moats, Phi, RB – Westbrook is just so injury-prone
  4. Marion Barber, Dal, RB
  5. Cedric Benson, Chi, RB – I don't buy him as the starter, but he'll play
  1. Marion Barber, Dal, RB – Tuna said he will have a “major role” in offense this season
  2. Thomas Jones, Chi, RB – Needs to bring the noise in final 2 preseason games to declaw Cedric Benson
  3. T.J. Duckett, Was, RB
  4. Greg Jones, Jac
  5. Brandon Jacobs, NYG, RB – At 6-foot-5, 256-pounds, he would have been unstoppable in Tecmo Super Bowl
Top 5 Rookie RBs Most Likely to Make the Biggest Fantasy Impact in '06
Brandon Says: Christopher Says: Brad Says:
  1. Reggie Bush, NO, RB
  2. Joseph Addai, Ind, RB
  3. Mike Bell, Den, RB – Still tentative to fully embrace him
  4. LenDale White, Ten, RB – He's the mold of a perfect goal-line back
  5. DeAngelo Williams, Car, RB – Like Maroney about the same here
  1. Reggie Bush, NO, RB – Run, Prez, Run
  2. Joseph Addai, Ind, RB
  3. DeAngelo Williams, Car, RB – Shut up, Evans
  4. Laurence Maroney, NE, RB
  5. Mike Bell, Den, RB – Please don't overpay for him, though
  1. Mike Bell, Den, RB – Strong, aggressive back fits perfectly in Leatherface’s offense
  2. Joseph Addai, Ind, RB
  3. Reggie Bush, NO, RB
  4. DeAngelo Williams, Car, RB – Foster’s knack for breaking nails makes D-Will a mid-round must.
  5. Laurence Maroney, NE, RB – To see 10-12 carries weekly, but 2nd-fiddle to Dillon inside the 5
Top 5 Inspirational, Underdog-Makes-Good Sport Movies ("Invincible" out 8/25)
Brandon Says: Christopher Says: Brad Says:
  1. "Rocky" – So good that it spawned sequels for the next 30 years
  2. "The Natural" – Best there ever was, best there ever will be … Ok, maybe not, but damn good
  3. "Bad News Bears" – They didn't win, but Bears get beer bash in the end
  4. "When We Were Kings" – A great movie, and Ali was the underdog
  5. "Miracle" – "Miracle" … "The Rookie" … "Rudy" … "Seabicuit" … I'm a softy for that formula
Bah! Inspirational, Shminspirational! My five fave sports movies:
  1. "The Hustler" – Precursor to "The Color of Money," and 10 times better
  2. "Raging Bull" – Creepy, harrowing black-and-white film makes me wonder why people still make boxing movies
  3. "North Dallas Forty" – Hilarious and cynical, you have to rent this
  4. "Bull Durham" – Nuke LaLoosh is one of the great all-time sports-movie characters
  5. "The Natural" – Completely different from novel (and much happier), but still melancholy enough to feel real
  1. "Rudy" – One of the cheesiest, tear-jerker lines in history is when Vince Vaughn turns to Sean Astin and says: “That was for you.”
  2. "Cinderella Man" – I cry like a 10-year-old girl at a Justin Timberlake concert
  3. "Hoosiers"
  4. "Rocky"
  5. "Happy Gilmore" – Sandler taught me to help homeless, give to charity and punch the nearest guy after scoring a snowman on a par 3

Brandon Funston is a Yahoo! Sports fantasy expert. Follow him on Twitter. Send Brandon a question or comment for potential use in a future column or webcast.

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