Fantasy NBA: What Has Happened to Chris Bosh’s Rebounding?

As a Raptor, Chris Bosh averaged 10.8 rebounds a game. As a Raptor, quite simply, Chris Bosh was just a far better player.

On Oncourt Onslaught, I spoke of what I will refer to as the "James Worthy Challenge." On a team with Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Worthy was the third fiddle, and quite possibly the best third fiddle in NBA history. He was a first overall draft selection in 1982 and he put up even better numbers in the Playoffs than he did in the regular season, elevating his average to 21.2 points per game during the Playoffs, nearly four points better than his 17.6 point per game career average.

Chris Bosh needs to learn from this example. The Heat are a three man team, really, and Chris Bosh needs to realize how important he is to the Heat's success. I realize the Heat have been successful and sit only 3.5 games behind the Chicago Bulls for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, but really, the fact remains that they can be better still.

And Chris Bosh's rebounding is one place it could all start. There's no good reason for him to be averaging 2.8 rebounds less per game on a team that needs his rebounding even more than the Toronto Raptors did.

Chris Bosh has fallen from a late first/early second round pick to a mid third round selection, but if he could step up his game a little, he could easily return to at least mid second round value. His skill set is great for a 6'10" player and he's a little more of a small forward than power, but he has the athleticism that dictates he should average 10 rebound a game—if not 12.

Until Bosh starts stepping it up, the Heat aren't going to be the team they are capable of being.

Source: Oncourt Onslaught

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Updated Monday, Apr 2, 2012