Fantasy NBA: Could Andray Blatche Resurrect His Career If Traded?

Just a season ago, Blatche was a keeper in most keep-five leagues, as he was posting top 50 value and looking as though he could only get better.

Fast forward a half season and no one wants him.

He was just a throw in when I traded for Ty Lawson in a keeper league. The other guy wasn't planning on keeping Blatche, and of course I'm not either. He might as well be on the waiver wire, because he's sitting with a minor injury and the Wizards were choosing to start rookie Jan Vesely over Blatche at the time the injury occurred.

In 2010-11, Blatche put up 16.8 points per game and grabbed 8.2 boards per night, 2.9 of which were offensive rebounds. He also managed 1.5 steals a game while blocking nearly a shot per night as well (0.8 per game). That kind of production is very valuable in fantasy.

What he's doing now isn't.

Blatche is shooting just 38% from the floor this season and 69.2% from the line. He's jacking up 11.3 shots per night, yet scoring just 10.3 points per game, because he isn't getting to the line. Last season, Blatche attempted 4.7 free throws per game; this year he is under 3.0.

That kind of production doesn't exactly lead to a lot of teams coveting Blatche's services. I do feel a number of teams could use Blatche off the bench, but only a rebuilding team like the Kings or Bobcats would ever consider starting Blatche and trying to work him into a rebuilding plan, and I'm not even sure teams like that are desperate enough to roll the dice on Blatche.

Maybe I am overreacting to half a season of terrible play, but it seems players are only as valuable as their last game in the NBA, and when a guy is both injured and struggling, no one wants him. A player's trade value fluctuates a lot both in real life and in fantasy, and it's no surprise that Blatche's real life trade value for the Wizards has declined as much as his trade value in fantasy leagues.

At one point, people traded for Blatche. Now he's just a throw in. Funny how quick things can change.


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Updated Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012