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  • So can you draft directly into these positions. If I were to set up three NA spots pre-draft then only players with that status could be drafted into those positions?

  • Been using your site for three years now for a keeper league. My participants are clamoring for a summer trading period. If trading can be open once you open Fantasy Hockey in August that would be a great addition.

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    New Owners for a Keeper League

    by Drew Friggin Ritz Jun 22, 2016 10:35 PM

    I am interested. Keep getting failure to send messages. So can you please send info to cwing691. It is a yahoo email. Thanks a lot.

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    Need Replacement Owner for Salary Cap/Dynasty League

    by Glenn Jun 24, 2016 8:27 PM

    would be very interested .Please send info, canadabill2 its a ya addy

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    30 TEAM DYNASTY LEAGUE - need some GMs

    by Beamer May 27, 2016 9:23 AM

    4 left - Carolina, Toronto, Columbus and New Jersey

  • The team won the league two years ago and has almost everyone still on the team, including Crosby. Leave e-mail address if interested.

  • We are looking for 3 new managers for our Hockey League

    We have been doing this league since 2009, we do 5 keepers

    The roster set up is 4 C, 4 LW, 4 RW, 6 D 2 G, 5 BN, 5 IR and 5 NA

    The stats are Goals, Assists, Power Play Points, Shots, Blocks, Plus/Minus, Wins, Goals Against Average, Save Percentage and Shut Outs

    We are getting rid of a team and putting his whole team into the draft, plus we want to expand the league from 10 to 12, after the 9 other teams declare their keepers we will have an expansion draft, where all 3 new teams will each draft 5 players, and have the top 3 picks in the draft

    Some great value out their, guys like Corey Perry, Logan Couture, Dylan Larkin and Jonathan Quick, plus upcoming rookie Auston Matthews, most of the teams have way more than 5 keeper worthy players, so having solid rosters shouldn't be an issue

    Plus we want to have 2 different divisions, 6 teams each, 4 teams from each division will make the play offs

    So if you're interested in coming aboard you can reach me at andrew j ritz 1987, obviously all one word, and its a yahoo account

  • Historically it will be end of August.

  • I know its only June but does anyone have any idea when Fantasy Hockey 2016 will open up for drafts for non-keeper league pools for next season? Thanks in advance!

  • www.dynastyleague.xyz

    Note: The CHL is just a theme and our league utilizes NHL players and prospects like any other league.

    This Dynasty League is made up of three individual 16 team leagues (OHL, WHL and QMJHL). All of the leagues follow exactly the same rules and settings. Each league plays out their season and playoff like any typical league. The champions of each league then clash in a calculated head-to-head tournament for the Memorial Cup for a chance to become champion of all 48 teams. Because the Memorial Cup is only "calculated" by utilizing the stats from the scoring period of their respective league championship matches, it does not shorten the season nor have any negative impact on the individual leagues. The Memorial Cup is merely an extra feature to be taken advantage of to improve your overall fantasy experience.

    All three leagues stats are tracked and updated weekly on our website. This includes the regular season standings, playoff brackets and of course the Memorial Cup tournament. You can view the standings combined with all three leagues or individually (both options are color coordinated to easily tell the leagues apart). The stats from each season are also permanently stored and available via the drop-down lists in each of the categories.

    Our top priority is long-term sustainability. We have taken every step possible to ensure that this league is setup and ran accordingly to accomplish that goal. You can join this league and be confident that your time and effort will not be wasted.

    For more information, view the Rules section via the following link:


    To apply please visit our forums and fill out an application at the following link:


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    Salary cap dynasty league Needs replacement manager

    by Jeff Jun 8, 2016 9:54 AM

    may be interested. cwing691at yahoo

  • We have a GM opening we need to fill asap (we have a mini-draft and offersheets in July). 16 Team Dynasty Rotisserie held at Fantrax. The Grail is designed to promote a lot of trading. It also creates its own marketplace and salaries, which is very unique in fantasy. The Grail utilizes almost every stat you can think of in one form or another; the categories are unique compared to any other league. Check out the Grail website at IcyGrail.com which have our rules posted. If you are interested, email me at flyersjoe@gmail.com.

    Requirements for a GM position:
    The #1 requirement is communication. A GM must be proactive in improving his team and being a part of the Grail community. I realize most FHLers have many leagues they are a part of, however, the Grail MUST BE a PRIMARY league. The Grail requires its GM’s to be very accessible via email.

    Below are some of the posts I've come across on other websites/posts by fellow Grail members. They are honest testimonials to the Grail...

    "...it's the creme de la creme..."

    "...too much to go into but its one of the best if not the best fantasy hockey league you will ever be in.”

    "...the league blows away anything Yahoo can do. I was reserved about the entrance fee myself, but if you check it out the fee does not even cover the cost of the yearly league and the website. Joe is not making anything off this league and is actually losing some money. There are so many more statistical categories and even more strategies to think about. You got a salary cap and a spending budget for free agents. You can trade draft picks, money or even your place on the waiver ladder for players. I can go on and on. Joe listens to everyone’s suggestions to help make the league a place to stay. He wants a community of hockey fanatics. I suggest you really think about trying it. I have been doing fantasy sports since 1983 and I probably will never join another Yahoo league unless its with some friends

  • They do, these are classified as NA positions. Each team is allowed up to 5. NA stands for not active, and mostly used for prospects in the minors who may or may not be called up. The problem is, only players with a signed NHL contract can be on the list PRIOR to making their debut. Otherwise , players are added as they play in the majors.

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    Dynasty league replacement

    by Holmen May 12, 2016 11:18 AM

    If this is still available, I am interested

  • Dear Yahoo!,
    Our dynasty hockey pool has enjoyed using your site for 12 years. One feature that would be significant is to add roster spots designated as "FARM TEAM" players. Farm Team players do not collect stats unless they're called up to the Active Roster; for a GM to use a Farm Team player they would be free to call them up anytime, but that player would need to clear waivers to be re-assigned to the Farm Team.

    This is our league currently manages the Farm Team offline - but would love to see a solution added to the system to improve our league's play.

    Thanks in advance for reading.

  • 2nd year salary cap dynasty league Needs replacement manager. H2h 1 win, salary cap is 10 million above the NHL's cap. No floor. Free league. Team needs a rebuild and someone in for the long haul. Rebuilds are faster in salary cap leagues due to players becoming available for bidding every summer when contract expires. Email for details jbrylinsabresfan at yahoo dot calm

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    30 TEAM DYNASTY LEAGUE - need some GMs

    by Beamer May 27, 2016 9:23 AM

    6 teams left - Carolina, Toronto, New Jersey, Minnesota, Arizona, and Los Angeles.

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    30 TEAM DYNASTY LEAGUE - need some GMs

    by Beamer May 27, 2016 9:23 AM

    Email coming your way - thanks Mark

  • The WHL Dynasty League is open for applicants! This is a brand new league. We do however run another very successful league called the OHL Dynasty League. A few members from the OHL league have already joined the WHL league to form a very strong base to this league.

    We will be very picky screening out potential GM’s as a mature environment and long-term sustainability is our most important priority.

    I highly recommend viewing our very well organized forums to learn more about our league. The link will be included at the bottom of this post.

    Basic Breakdown
    -Salary Cap + 28% of NHL Cap
    -25 man main roster
    -25 man prospect roster
    -4 IR
    -Fantrax Premium

    We have 4 of 16 spots remaining.

    To apply post in our applications section on the forums. This is the quickest method to get a response as any of our staff can review and respond to your application. You can also PM me here.

    The Memorial Cup Explained

    The WHL Dynasty League is being formed in the wake of the already established OHL Dynasty League. Eventually the QMJHL Dynasty League will be formed completing the entire Canadian Hockey League. All three leagues are a carbon copy of each other. Tweaks and rule changes to the leagues will be made by the collaboration of the LEB staff of each of the leagues (input from members of all leagues will always be highly considered). Keep in mind each league will NEVER require any participation or acknowledgement of the other existing sister leagues.

    However, once the formation of all three leagues are complete, there will be a website created for the Memorial Cup linking the three leagues together. The main Memorial Cup website will simply host live standings of each of the leagues as well as link members to each leagues forums.

    Once each leagues independent playoffs are complete, the champions of the three leagues will be "calculated" head-to-head utilizing the stats from the scoring period of their respective championship match.

    OHL Champ vs WHL Champ

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    30 TEAM DYNASTY LEAGUE - need some GMs

    by Beamer May 27, 2016 9:23 AM

    I'm interested

    brentdryczewycz at yahoo dot calm

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