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  • Hello Yahoo Fantasy Baseball updaters!!! Are u guys gonna put Robbie Ray onto the FA list so teams can pick him up before his start tonight against the Astros in 2 freakin hours!?!?!?! Come on, this is ridiculous, someone even posted on the message board about this yesterday!! Will he be added in before game time??

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    Yahoos stance on the new look.

    by Bill C Aug 28, 2013 12:05 PM

    dear yahoo,
    i would like to know, who is actually running yahoo fantasy baseball and making the decisions? have they ever played fantasy baseball before lol why would you guys make this change with 2 weeks left in the regular season before playoffs start??? And you make the change when the new look isnt even freaking ready! its half complete! who does that? I cant even see the history on batter vs pitchers for more than 3/4ths of my guys and when you try and look for the batter vs pitcher matchups for years prior, it doesnt even load so im guessing that part isnt complete yet either. I honestly can not believe the mistakes this year on the player tags and the player notes along with wrong fantasy matchup ratings daily and now we all have to deal with this. I'm trying to make the playoffs in my league and now b/c of this new format or should i say huge mistake, I'm probably not going to make it b/c I run my team with 4 guys on my bench for batters so I go with who has the best matchup daily and now i cant see the matchups against the pitchers they're facing. It takes the fun out of it too b/c now I cant mix and match everyday, i have to go off the matchup ratings which can be wrong so I cant go off the matchup ratings.
    I've given it a day now and its still not fixed, in fact, it seems to be getting worse. If this new format isnt completely done with all the info the other format used to give us, I'm definately going to my league comissioner and I'm gonna ask to put up a vote to switch to ESPN or CBS sports next year, anything different from what we've had to deal with this year. Absolutely rediculous and honestly, whoevers controlling the decisions for yahoo should probalby consider stepping down or asking others involved what they think on the decisions they make b/c this is #$%$. I cant believe a professional website thats been running fantasy baseball now for like 10 years could all of a sudden "go down the #$%$." Come on yahoo, get it together

  • but it shouldnt even happen in the first place Posty!! Last night i was at the ranger brewers game and i look down real quick at my stats and i see i have a shutout and it put me in the best mood ever b/c it was the first one of the year for me. Then 30 min later, i look up at the scoreboard for all the other scores around the league and i see it says 5-1 pirates over the cards. How does someone click the shut out button when theres a run scored??? Stupid! Who is running the league this year?? it cant be the same person as years prior unless he got into some type of accident or just doesnt give a #$%$ anymore

  • Ok Yahoo!, not only last night did you get me excited bc you guys messed up by saying Liriano pitched a shut out but again tonight it seems like yall messed up again with peavy. He pitched 6 scoreless innings....in the 7th, Bautista gets on first by an error from middlebrooks. Then Enarcarcion hits a single which then leaves men on first and second. Then Lawire hits a single scoring Bautista which should be an un earned run bc Bautista got on bc of an error!! There's then men on first and third and Craig Breslow comes into the game. He gives up a sacrifice fly to Derosa scoring Enarcarcion which is an earned run tacked on to Peavy, but Peavy didnt actually give up the winning run, Breslow did. So tell me how Peavy now gets the loss and has a 3.00 era for the game when it should be a no decision and a 1.50 era?????? This is getting rediculous. This is my 4th season now playing with yahoo in the same league and I've never had this many mistakes. Mistakes like this one and last night with Liriano or stupid mistakes like mispelled words or even missing words in the updated player notes next to their name. Do yall reread the info you're putting out after you write the updated notes for an individual player?? I mean come on, sometimes i feel like i'm reading something a 3rd grader wrote lol. And another thing i might add since im doing this, the matchup ratings this year have been wrong so many times i dont even go by it anymore. Theres been times where I've had a guy have a one or two star and hes 5 for 9 lifetime against the pitcher or the same thing in reverse where theyve had a 4 or 5 star rating and they're 1-9 career off the pitcher. I've never had these problems before. Sometimes I think to myself I wish i was doing this job b/c I'd do such a better job of it. I'm seriously considering switching to espn next year b/c its getting rediculous.

  • Why does Peavy have an NA next to his name when the white sox put him on the DL today? Yahoo seriously messes up to much, i'm hoping they see this so they can change their mistake.

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