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    Invite link is herein in the google doc too


    Invite https://yho.com/mlb?l=136433&k=473c29f7cb0c2a5c&ikey=ffebbb4a5c040359

    league # 136433

    Is now 8 but want 10

    If interested let me know and I will mail an invite.

    It is a very open roster type setup with plus and minus stats.

    Scroll down for league details.

    Draft Type: Live Standard Draft

    Draft Time: Sun Apr 5, 9:00pm Eastern Time

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    Commish Abandoned His Team

    by Michael Aug 6, 2013 11:52 AM

    Suz is correct and the truth is that it stinks. You guys put in nearly an entire season just to have things end like this. Pray your former commish does the right thing and turn over the leadership to you or another league member. Some will and some won't even give you the courtesy of a response.

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    disbanding league

    by rebecca h Jul 15, 2013 1:14 PM

    You may be able to save the season if you are the commissioner. First thing you do, assuming you have enough teams left, is to remove the three teams the old commissioner had control of. They are tainted by his actions. Then you have choices. You can make those players eligible via waiver/free agent draft to remaining teams or you can make all such players ineligible. You also, if you really want to put the work in, recruit three new owners who would draft via messenger of some type of Internet messaging vessel the players only from those 3 teams. That seems like a lot of work to me. Otherwise you can announce the break up of the league and then remove all the players from all the rosters, leaving all blank. It's a shame, but the more you read about what some of these people pull, the more you wish the Internet had never been developed.

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    looking to join an active league

    by Jason Jul 9, 2013 8:53 AM

    You write that anything works for you and I sent you an email a few days ago all but inviting you to one of my two league openings. No response. Okay I figure some league was lucky enough to get you. Then today I look and see same message from you. Now, I run five leagues and have never had anything bad written about me or my leagues. I am not begging you or anyone else. Yahoo has many fine leagues run by great commissioners with more experience than I have. I just ask for some courtesy. No hard feelings, and I hope you have great luck in whichever leagues you join.

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    max moves per season

    by Strap Jul 12, 2013 3:41 AM

    Yeah George, most league status boards lets you know how many moves you have made by the weeknd's update if you are h2h or everyday if you are rotisserie. You also can get this info by clicking on managers tab in your league tab and you will get a daily run down of how many pick ups your team has made. Easily done but you need to stay on top of things.

  • Yes, Yahoo's refusal to help in these matters seem inane. Some people really stink. A manager I know says you got a lot of so-called commissioners who just like the idea of participating in drafts. They head a draft without any intention of running the league. You'd like to find one of these fools and run a squeeze play down his or her throat.

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    David Hernandez Hold? NOT!

    by Seth Jul 11, 2013 3:24 AM

    Basted you said what I was going to say. Good explanation,

  • I keep reading of guys wanting to to take over teams without managers. You send word out to these bozos that you have an opening here or there, and they don;t answer you back. I see that with a lot of posts. People are FOS and seem more interested in wasting time. I'll live with my situation. I have 5 leagues with 57 teams and only two openings, so I must be doing something right,

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    by Chris M Jul 10, 2013 1:42 PM

    Matthew has it right, but if you log in with a second ID you can get 8 more teams. This can continue for as long as you'd like.

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    looking to join an active league

    by Jason Jul 9, 2013 8:53 AM

    I have one opening in two of my h2h leagues. One is in first place in an 8 team H2h that is based on stats other than the normal power ones. Lots of managing and free agent excellence involved here. The other is in 8th place in my 12 team keeper h2h league. However, the race is tight at that team is less than 3 games out of a playoff spot. Leave me an email if you are interested in either or both. I can send invite tonite.

  • I run five leagues and all are running smoothly, much of it because of sound planning, fairness, no hijinx and some good managers. Mosr guys are already asking to reserve spots for next year. I have two openings left in my leagues. In my 8 team Mendoza league, a H2H experimental league that is gaining popularity because much of the success comes on unusual stats like SF, WP, Double Plays, etc. In this league managing and free agent pick ups really matter. Ironically the team that is open is in first place but six teams are within 15 games of first place and in this league that is an eternity.
    In my Have Runs Will Travel league, a 12-team H2h league, I have one opening, That team has some solid players and is currently in 8th place, but only three games out of a playoff spot. This is a keeper league that will garner four guaranteed returning players in 2014. Leave a message here if you want in. Lots of trades and trade talks go on and the guys are friendly. leave your email add here and I will get back to you as early as tonight.

  • Yeah, with a little digging through info at bottom of page you can find number and email address for Yahoo. But Yahoo does not get involved in league matters. especially if yours is a private league. Hundreds of leagues is probably the cause. There has to be a way to block the bad commissioners from returning while rewarding good one, whether the format be H2h, roto, points, or innovative play. Remember, Yahoo can argue that most of us play for free, So what. If they decided to charge everyone, many of us would leave for ESPN or other solid groups.

  • I have been asking that same question for weeks with no answer. That generally means there is no answer. The commish in one league I am in backed out with five other of the 11 teams left the moment the draft ended. We have played most of the year with five actiuve teams in a h2h format. That stinks.

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    Dropping the wrong player

    by Daniel Jul 3, 2013 5:38 PM

    I commish five leagues. This is an honest mistake and I would allow the change and handle it manually via the commish tabs.

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    Need to choose 4 out of these 7 for next week:

    by Tim Jul 7, 2013 11:32 PM

    Puig, Gomez, Kemp and Bruce, I love Myers but you would be risking much on two rookies.

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    Undoing a mistake?

    by Lucky Lou Jul 8, 2013 12:06 AM

    I commissioner five leagues, and while his mistake might be innocent, you do open up a can of worms by changing it. I would allow him to reclaim player after the waiver period expires, explaining the rest of the league to lay off the player.. In this sense, no one loses and eyebrows really can't be raised since a "consequence" for the mistake was given but kept to a minimum. Now the only thing that would make me do different is that there have been many complaints by managers throughout the Yahoo leagues about mysterious actions happening to moves they made or didn't make.

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    Who to drop

    by Rob Y. Jul 8, 2013 1:53 AM

    Matt makes wise points, but I'd still give up Gardner. He's a Yankee and I don't see them getting much better offensively.

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    Deal Garza and Werth for Price?

    by Smack Jul 8, 2013 1:00 PM


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    mistake made

    by Mo Jul 5, 2013 4:40 PM

    The commissioner can change this manually. One more thing: the commissioner could also have caused this but let's assume he or she is honest. Let him see what happened on your transaction board and then fix what was messed up.

  • Have a unique 8-team h2h league dedicated to Mario Mendoza. What makes the league unique are the number of secondary stats like sacrifice flies, HBP, etc., that go into the scoring, as well as some of the usual stats that don't go into the scoring. You have to know what you are doing and set up as an experimental league this year the managers playing love it. But we need one manager and the irony is that team is in first place, so you are walking into a good situation. send me your contact particulars if you are interested and you are in and will get first crack at joining this and the other four leagues I run.

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