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    Fantasy baseball sleepers and busts?

    by Nandan Mar 10, 2013 12:32 AM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 10, 2013 3:50 AM Flag

    Yes I did watch the WS I'm a tiger fan so I watched him stick it up our #$%$! Re read what I originally said bro, I said I don't expect him to repeat what he did last year, (1.79 Era, 0.85 whip) those numbers are sick in the closer role. I'm sure he will be good this year just not what he was last year. I'm not in the market for over paying for RP who are coming off great seasons. There will be plenty of options comparable to what I think his numbers will be this year at a lot cheaper price tag.
    I personally would rather have these NL RP, Kimbrel, Chapman (if he closes), Motte, Papelbon, Jansen, Soriano, Street, and Axford. But again I will repeat cuz clearly I have struck a nerve here with u, I think he is good, I just don't expect a repeat performance this year

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    Fantasy baseball sleepers and busts?

    by Nandan Mar 10, 2013 12:32 AM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 10, 2013 3:12 AM Flag

    More than 2 bad years, I guess your idea of bad years and mine are a little different. I got burned by him. 32 years old to boot. You want to take him at 75 go for it, I won't be too many options in the outfield. You must be a rios owner.

    Romo, out of nowhere meaning in the closer role. Closing is a whole different ball game. Sure he has been good, but he is 30 years old and only been in the majors the last 5 years. Not to mention he wasn't exactly an innings eater out of the bull pen, he was a specialist for a few of those years. So high pressure innings yeah he came out of nowhere. One of the best arms in the NL in the last 5 years, really, I think you should pump the brakes on using the word best with this guy. One part season as a closer doesn't #$%$ away like it does for you, but hey what do I know I'm just talking your of my #$%$ eh guy..... Whatever

  • 10 team 10x10 scoring, keep 10 guys.
    So far I'm keeping
    Miguel Cabrera
    Ryan Zimmerman
    B.J. Upton
    Gio Gonzalez
    Jake Peavy
    Jon Lester
    Shelby Miller
    Tommy Hanson

    I need 2 guys from this list of turds:
    Michael Bourne
    Hunter pence
    Dustin Ackley
    Derek Jeter
    Jeremy Hellickson
    Brandon Beachy
    Joe Nathan
    Addison reed
    Huston street
    Pedro Alvarez
    Adam laRoche
    Alex Avilla
    Aj piersinski
    Dan Ugla
    Mark Reynolds
    Brandon League
    Ivan Nova

    80/90% of those guys are no brainers, I'm really torn with
    Bourne, Pence, Ackley, Hellickson, Jeter, and probably my favorite Beachy.

    There are no 2b options in the draft and the guys I play with I know one will take Ackley quick
    I think Pence should bounce back this year.
    Jeter is old, Yankees SUCK, but he is consistent, led the league in hits last year
    I've owned Hellickson since he was in the minors so I hate it give up on him, still think he is yet to hit his ceiling
    And Beachy is out until mid to late July, but dude is a k/9 machine with a great ERA

    Dynasty league please help! If you think I should remove someone that I have as a keeper tell me that too

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    Fantasy baseball sleepers and busts?

    by Nandan Mar 10, 2013 12:32 AM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 10, 2013 1:32 AM Flag

    Yes I do, I'm in a 10 keeper dynasty league scoring is a 10 x 10 and I always pick 2 prospects (1 pitcher and 1 position player) last year I picked Ackley over Kipnis. I think Ackley will be a nice player BUT I think I picked the wrong guy.

    And yes I agree Lester did want to leave Boston when Tito was let go and Farrell left. Francona was like a father figure to him and he had a terrific relationship with Farrell. Under Farrell he was at his best and mentioned in the Cy Young conversation. He just turned 29 so he is in the beginning of his prime, pitchers are in their prime until 34/35.

    Another pitcher to keep your eye on who I stole for a RP and a bench player at the deadline last year is Tommy Hansen. His ADP is very low and I think his ceiling is high, low risk high reward. He is on a new team ( Angles) and is healthy for the 1st time in a year and a half.

    Ryan Zimmerman is another guy who isn't getting the love. I really like him and he is only 28, at the beginning of his prime. You think he is older because he broke in MLB at 21 yrs old. Stacked line up hitting 3rd or 4th, and another guy who is finally healthy. He #$%$ the bed the 1st half last year and was one of the biggest producers in the game after the all star break

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    Fantasy baseball sleepers and busts?

    by Nandan Mar 10, 2013 12:32 AM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 10, 2013 1:08 AM Flag

    Ludwick is another year older and wasn't all that good in his prime, bust

    Rios is a roller coaster, he was up last year probably let down this year, look at his career season by season. Proof is in the pudding, bust

    Berkman should have retired, sleeper yeah but not in the way your hoping for, sleeper will be in his offensive output., bust

    Romo out of nowhere had a great year, no way he repeats. Maybe not a bust but don't expect nearly what he did last year.

    Love Eaton and Perez, and new hair cut new season = bounce back for the former two time Cy Young winner!

    Kipnis and C.C. Shouldn't be on your other list.

    I would add to your sleepers V Mart, Doug Fister, B.J. Upton, and my two favorites who I am keeping in my dynasty league, Jon Lester (reunited with Jon Farrell) call me crazy but I wouldn't be surprised if he contends for a Cy young this year. And my personal favorite Shelby Miller, added 25 pounds, worked hard in the off season and has latched on to Wainwright as a mentor (very smart)! This guy has front of the rotation stuff and appears physically and mentally ready. Rookie of the year

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    U think this could get accepted

    by Frederick Mar 8, 2013 6:03 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 2:33 AM Flag

    I disagree, Phillips is old decline in the process, Soriano is a closer who has Clippard and Storen behind him if he waivers at all. Hellicksonis still very young and has not yet peaked could be this year. Ackley was injured last year I think he is about to break out nicely this year, .275/.285, 15/18 HR ,35/38 2bls, 12 3bs, 75 RBI, 85runs, 15 SB. Maybe I'm drinking the Kool aide but he was the pacific league MVP 2 years ago and carried some hype with him to Seattle, just needs to stay healthy and that sweet smooth left handed swing will take care of the rest

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    Trumbo for Gallardo? Dynasty

    by JJ Mar 8, 2013 10:26 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 2:24 AM Flag

    For starters why the hell did you trade Longoria for Gallardo. I'm in a dynasty league as well and that just makes no sense to me. Unless you had Miggy or Beltre maybe at 3rd you don't trade Longoria unless you are stealing the trade which you didn't for Gallardo.
    Anyway no don't trade for Trumbo, he doesn't even have a place to call home on the field. If he slumps at all he will have a nice seat at the end of the bench, the Angles have a lot of talent, therefor they don't have to wait out any slumps.
    Not to mention look at it this way, you turned Longoria into Gallardo (crazy) and are looking to turn Gallardo into Trumbo (crazier). So in essence you are turning Longoria into Trumbo (craziest), And I don't care who you have on your team that is just F'n stupid!!!!!!

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    Miguel Cabrera Trade

    by Kipp B Mar 8, 2013 11:40 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 2:11 AM Flag

    Like the other 2 guys said, NO. I try to never give up the best player in the deal. Not to mention I have owned Miggy for 6 or 7 years now and he is always in the line up and I believe he is the best player the league and he will be for the next 2 or 3 years! And Holliday is steady Eddie every year you know exactly what your getting.

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    by BB Mar 8, 2013 10:25 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 2:06 AM Flag

    I've been in a dynasty league where we keep 10 players for 8 years. I have learned the hard way not to go fishing for too many prospects and hype players. Also don't stack your team with a bunch of 30+ year old players. Position players prime is typically 27-32. Pitchers prime a lot of the time can go into their mid 30's. Last don't chase guys coming off career years, seldom do they repeat.

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    biig big big trade advice needed asap

    by Double I P A Mar 8, 2013 9:38 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 2:00 AM Flag

    No way, this is not appealing at all. Halladay isn't what he used to be. And I don't think Putz will be the closer at the end of the year either.
    Not to mention when you are fortunate to land a stud like Will Myers you stay patient and enjoy the rewards you inevitably will be receiving!

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    Cano or Kemp in 1st Round?

    by Jon Y. Mar 8, 2013 11:13 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 1:54 AM Flag

    I tend to lean toward studs at talent scarce positions. After Cano, Pedroia and Kinsler, 2B is a black hole of talent. You have plenty of options in the outfield.....

  • Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 1:45 AM Flag

    I'm all about trading to improve the team. Many factors go into a trade but I ultimately have a golden rule, If you are not getting the best player in the deal then you must be improving in multiple areas! And by improving I don't mean banking on what it's and hopefully's! Having said that in this trade you are giving up the best player in the deal, Matt Holliday, who is so undervalued in my opinion. All he does is produce regardless of what team and park he plays for or who is hitting around him.
    Hart and Jeter are hurt and or recovering and old.
    Melky is a cheater who isn't even an everyday player unless he is on the juice.
    C.C. I do still like but the Yankees are a hot mess and probably won't make the playoffs and the AL east looks to be one of the best divisions that I can ever remember seeing in all the years I've been watching baseball!
    I can't knock Sale, I think he is going to be a stud for some years to come, but he is really your only chip here to hang your hat on.
    But you would be giving up a healthy Howard consistent 30 + bombs every year
    A former Cy young winner who is finally healthy and at the end of his prime but still very effective, Peavy
    Not a huge Cruz fan but he is better than cheater Cabrera, and the best player in the deal Holliday.
    So my answer is HELL NO!!!!! Don't pull the trigger.

  • Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 1:29 AM Flag

    I will answer your trade question, if you have Miggy DON'T trade him, if you are the other team.... Pull the trigger

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    Cano trade

    by luv2scissor Mar 8, 2013 10:49 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 9, 2013 1:15 AM Flag

    Why are you drafting so many 2B? If you can get someone to agree to give up JV or Kershaw or Strasburgh yea go for it. Like another guy said, the Yankees are a hot mess and Cano has had rumblings of possible steroid use

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    Anyone here worth keeping in this format?

    by James Mar 7, 2013 3:10 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 8, 2013 3:06 AM Flag

    Keep Car Go and if I'm understanding you your next pick would be the end of the 2nd round? At that point I would keep Kinsler too. There are three good 2b options, Cano, Kinsler, and Pedroia. After that there are a bunch of turds I don't want. 2nd base is turning into a black hole like SS is

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    3rd base keeper question

    by alex g Mar 7, 2013 10:46 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 8, 2013 3:00 AM Flag

    Keep Headley, Panda is great or average. And how many games will he play, it's always something with that guy

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    by John Mar 7, 2013 8:36 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 8, 2013 2:57 AM Flag

    Miggy or Braun no question

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    Which should be my last keeper

    by Raiders Yankees Clippers Mar 7, 2013 11:39 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 8, 2013 2:55 AM Flag

    Tiexera sucks, three years in a row on the decline means prime is over. Even if he were healthy I would keep either Profar or Harvey. Your team is so good, you can gamble on either young guy, I really like both

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    Dynasty league trade help

    by Jr. Mar 7, 2013 10:19 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 8, 2013 2:50 AM Flag

    I love Matt Moore, but Pineda won't be the same. I consider Beltre the 2nd best 3rd baseman. If you want to stack your offense, this trade pushes you in the right direction. And maybe you can get lucky on the waiver wire and pick up this years version of Kris Medlen or Lance Lynn

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    Last Keeper Standing....

    by Sippa Mar 7, 2013 9:44 PM
    Riddle Riddle Mar 8, 2013 2:47 AM Flag

    I love Matt Moore, dude is about to really bust out! No way Encarnacion repeats

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