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    Would anybody do this?

    by Mark 1 hour 55 minutes ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 1 hour 35 minutes ago Flag

    No. Getting Calvin worsens your obvious hole at RB. TRich at RB2 says you lack talent there.

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    Doug Baldwin or Jordan Matthews PPR?

    by Austin C 1 hour 55 minutes ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 1 hour 38 minutes ago Flag

    Neither is a sure thing. Baldwin has 3... Count them: 3! talented receivers vying for targets in a run first offense. Even those, like me, who suffer under the illusion that Seattle will pass more this season, don't believe an outlet like Baldwin will be given first looks over playmakers like Harvin, Kearse and Richardson.

    Matthews is one of 5 or 6 mouths to feed in a run first offense. With breaks (is Maclin healthy? does The Bigot stay ahead of Matthews on the depth chart?) he may produce but it's a crapshoot.

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    A. Hawkins Value

    by Chris 1 hour 51 minutes ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 1 hour 48 minutes ago Flag

    While I'm not a fan of either in a 10 teamer, Shorts has conceivable WR depth value.

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    Thoughts on Arian Foster??

    by John Lewis 2 hours 9 minutes ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 1 hour 50 minutes ago Flag

    As I near my drafts I'm beginning to cool on his prospects. Fitz looks overmatched at QB and that hurts everyone's prospects. We haven't seen Foster in preseason due to yet another hamstring injury. And the price remains high...not as high as it was, but still high. I recognize the huge upside potential, but look at the ways he may underproduce: injury or dysfunctional offense or a combo of the 2. Risk may outweigh reward.

  • Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 1 hour 58 minutes ago Flag

    Injuries wouldn't be my concern with this group, but it's not a good team.

    Coaching concerns: Gruden doesn't fit the Redskins personnel. Example: Gruden runs an offense needing a strong pocket passer. RG3 doesn't fit. Buffalo: Marrone doesn't know how to use Spiller (or simplify the passing game to try to develop Manuel). How much promise is there in a running game that misuses its best playmaker? (You roster 2 of the dysfunctional Bills RBs).

    Target concerns: what does the addition of a strong physical WR and TE mean for VJax's targets? A healthy Crabtree with Kaep at QB consistently has destroyed Davis' fantasy production: why does that change?

    Absence of bench upside: ask yourself why any of your bench is rostered. Yes, I understand Cutler. But, everyone else could be subbed for free agents without changing its value. A bench is for depth and upside. Apart from Cutler this bench is neither.

    Sorry, but this roster needs a lot of work.

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    RBs on Waiver

    by Jon 2 hours 25 minutes ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 2 hours 21 minutes ago Flag

    If Gore is one of your starters add Hyde dropping Moreno and, even if not, Hyde offers lottery ticket upside which Moreno lacks. Otherwise pass. Rice and Mathews offer far more than the free agents.

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    by Randy 2 hours 36 minutes ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 2 hours 24 minutes ago Flag

    Except in very deep roster leagues I never draft a second defense. The bench in a typical league is too skinny to waste on a defense. Cover your bye week from the waiver wire.

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    by renato 4 hours ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 2 hours 26 minutes ago Flag

    Is there some reason you believe you should stray from your first 3 WRs?

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    TE drafting help

    by GregH 2 hours 36 minutes ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 2 hours 30 minutes ago Flag

    Last year the scoring differential between TE7 and TE17 was 2 points per game and there's little reason to expect that gap to grow. So, the good news is Gates vs the rest likely makes no difference. Unfortunately, that's likely also the bad news. I think Miller will be top 10 and Eifert has that upside. None of the rest interest me this season.

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    Who to start? QB and WR

    by kevin Aug 27, 2014 5:16 PM
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 3 hours ago Flag

    I really like both WRs. Jordy is precisely the big, strong, physical, swift WR that causes the Hawks coverage problems and Rodgers will be airing it out. As much as I like any WR1 vs Dallas, Jordy presents too much upside. Stafford easily at QB. I doubt the Eagles will even meet its norm of bottom quartile in pass attempts.

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    ty hilton or eric decker for week one?

    by cameron 20 hours ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 3 hours ago Flag

    I, too, prefer Decker, but for me it's more of a question of who produces for Indy vs Denver: I'm just unsure who Luck figures to go to.

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    week 1 start/sit

    by brandon n 8 hours ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 3 hours ago Flag

    Not really a fan of any of these choices, but by default I will take Tate vs the Jints on Monday night. The Giants offseason personnel moves don't appear to have solved the primary weakness of the defense: the least athleticism at LB of any NFL team. The Lions should cut them up and Tate may share in the feast.

  • Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 3 hours ago Flag

    I would start CPat. Smith is likely to be your starter before long, but may be in tough vs the Bengals. My hunch continues to be that the Rams will not be that improved in pass defense.

  • Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 3 hours ago Flag

    If you want responses it's wise to list the matchups.

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    QB help

    by Allison 4 hours ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 3 hours ago Flag

    Tampa Bay D and Luck would be my choices. The Bucs draw an injured Cam and a very low end Panthers offense. Luck will have to throw plenty to try keeping Indy in the game.

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    WR help....

    by Tim C 20 hours ago
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 4 hours ago Flag

    There is unlikely to be much return on any of them, but Shorts has had a defined role in this offense before and likely offers WR3 upside.

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    who is the number one player on your bust list?

    by co Aug 26, 2014 6:45 PM
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues 22 hours ago Flag

    You mention 2 of the holes in Ball's game: ball security and pass protection. The ball security problems stem primarily from his tendency to catch the ball with his body rather than his hands, although whether that flaw is simply mere inexperience is unclear. The pass protection deficiency is more serious as Peyton is more important to the offense than 10 Balls. Inadequate blitz pickup skills are, however, common with young RBs and he may improve.

    The weaknesses he has as a runner (lack of vision and his tendency to run up the back of his OLinemen) are less serious as there are no Broncos RB with strong rushing skills. But, should his passing game skills continue to be marginal, it's doubtful he retains his 3 down role.

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    Travis Kelce or Tim Wright?

    by Trevor Aug 28, 2014 1:32 PM
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues Aug 28, 2014 1:56 PM Flag

    Kelce. It's hard to imagine Wright seeing the field for more than a snap or 3 per game even on the rare occasions when he's on the active roster.

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    Would you target any of these FA's??

    by jmoose78 Aug 28, 2014 1:07 PM
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues Aug 28, 2014 1:26 PM Flag

    While you have a number of bench players I wouldn't roster the only free agent that interests me is Latimer and he's simply a long range lottery ticket possibility. Gates, Stills, Khiry, among others are easy culls.

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    My teams a mess- help!

    by cameron Aug 28, 2014 2:17 AM
    Ol' Blues Ol' Blues Aug 28, 2014 1:21 PM Flag

    I would roll with what you have for a few games, although I would swap out Fleener for most any TE from the free agent wire. Fleener has TE2 as his upside. Most anyone else will do (Heath Miller, Travis Kelce, a Houston TE, etc). Allen likely replaces VJax as a starter very soon.

    After Gore gets his 100 YPG over the first 2 or so games make a minor trade for Hyde or simply add him if he's dropped by then. Keep an eye on the Jets usage of Ivory as a possible add.

    Your WR values don't figure to ripen until week 4-6 when other owners begin to realize that WR depth doesn't mean top end WR production. Look then to upgrade your #1 RB to the tier above Stacy. His value crests at week 5 as he will face the top rushing defenses from weeks 6-11. Package Stacy and a WR for a RB1 and a step down at WR. Good luck. This team is not a mess.

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