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    Qb scoring differential

    by Ernest Aug 3, 2014 11:23 PM
    Michael L Michael L Aug 4, 2014 7:02 AM Flag

    Bumped up for debate. I'm wondering this myself. I am in the opposite position of you. I have always played in 4pt/pass TD leagues vs 6pt/pass TD. Depending on other scoring settings in your league, I would think that the change has to affect how you draft.

    For me personally:
    In my 6pt/TD league, 10 teams (which also scores 1pt/15 pass yards vs the default 1pt/25 yards), I am going to be looking to draft Manning, Brees or Rodgers all right after what I consider the top RBS; Charles, McCoy, Peterson and Forte.

    In my 4pt/TD league, 12 teams, default scoring, I am looking to take a combination of RB ,WR or possibly Jimmy Graham with my first 2 picks. Unfortunately neither of Manning, Brees or Rodgers will fall outside of Round 2 (I assume), but should either of the 3 big there by round 3 I would take them without hesitation. I believe there is too much QB value In the middle and late rounds of the draft to not fill up on premium RBs and WRs with your first 4 or 5 picks.

    Sorry for the long read. Also, I am no expert, but I have finished 2nd of 12 the past two years, and 1st and 2nd of 12 the two years before that (on Fox sports).. not to brag AT ALL, just for a little reassurance that you didn't waste time reading this haha.

    Good luck!

  • I am playing in a league this year that scores 6pt/pass TD instead of the default 4. It also scores 1pt/15 pass yards instead of 1pt/25 yards. The league is 10 teams, NON-ppr and the rest of the scoring is default.

    Using a 300 yard, 3TD game as an example, the difference between our league settings and default would be 38 points vs 24 points.

    I am wondering how these scoring settings should change my views on the draft? How much value does this add to the quarterback knowing the type of routine games the top QBs will have?

    I have asked this question a few times on here, but the extra advice really helps.. thanks!

  • Michael L by Michael L Jul 17, 2014 7:31 AM Flag

    I'll be playing in a 10-team, NON-ppr league this year where QBs are scored 6pts/pass TD and 1pt/15pass yards. All other positions are default. With that scoring setup, how much emphasis does it put on drafting a QB early?

    I've only played in a league with yahoo default scoring, and I've always had success with drafting a QB in the middle-round ... the usual Romo, Luck, Stafford type of guys, so this is not a setup I am used to.

    After a quick calculation of a 300yard/3TD game, the difference is pretty clear:
    Yahoo default: 24 points
    Our settings: 38 points

    What should I think about when drafting in this league this year? Thanks for the help!

  • Hello all,

    I am going to be joining a league this year which is scoring passing TDs as 6pts. Also, it is set for 1pt/15 passing yards. I have only played with the default 4pt/TD and 1pt/25 yards.

    How much should this change affect how I look at drafting a QB? I have always been the wait until Luck, Romo or Stafford kind of guy, but I am wondering if this change should make me look at it differently. I haven't sat down to do a couple examples of how much the +2 on TDs and -15 on yards affect each other, but I will be doing that soon.

    Thanks for any advice. I can't wait for the season to start!

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