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    Dynasty draft result

    by Lefty 5 hours ago

    We had to declare keepers before Benjamin got hurt. That might have changed my mind on dropping Olsen. I'm tempted to go after Sims since I have Martin. Not sure yet how that's going to play out in TB.

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    Who should be my Keepers?

    by cfarrell 11 hours ago

    What is your draft position?

    I'd still say Anderson and Beckham. Elite RB and WR are a lot harder to get than QBs, especially when you start 5-7 vs 1 QB. The point differential between tiers is too severe to keep a QB over a WR/RB or Gronk (the only non-WR/RB I'd keep.

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    Dynasty draft result

    by Lefty 5 hours ago

    Does yahoo still do draft grades, and if they do how long before they're available?

  • Finished my 4th year dynasty draft and was curious how others think I did. My 2014 RB situation was probably the worst in fantasy history...ever. With the option to keep 0-21, I kept 5 hoping to snag Gordon or Gurley. Well, someone kept 4 and picked right before me. He actually had the first 2 picks and the 4th, I was 3rd and 5th before other teams got to start re-drafting. We are 10-teams with a W/R/T and 4 IDP starters. All keepers are slotted into early rounds and the draft is non-snaking. I think I did ok, only getting worse at TE and K. I had Olsen but didn't think he was worth a 6th round pick considering my RB needs and Crosby who definitely wasn't worth a 6th or 7th. My keepers were Rodgers, Jeffery, Miller, Cooks, Ingram

    QB - (6) Rodgers, (86) Romo
    WR - (16) Jeffery, (36) Cooks, (66) Cooper, (96) Bryant, (146) Agholor, (176) S. Johnson, (206) T. Williams
    RB - (26) Miller, (46) Ingram, (56) Yeldon, (76) D. Martin
    TE - (116) Eifert
    K - (196) Zuerlein
    DEF - (156) Carolina
    IDP - (106) Mosley, (126) Houston, (136) Ogletree, (166) Bowman, (186) Tulloch

    My RB situation is improved but still not good. If I need to make a move I think my obvious drop is T Williams, but there aren't really any RBs left. Reggie Bush, DeAngelo Williams, and Charles Sims are out there.


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    Dynasty Draft Question

    by T Bone Aug 19, 2015 11:42 PM
    Lefty Lefty Aug 19, 2015 11:59 PM Flag

    yes, there's an option under "Edit draft order" for a custom (non-snaking) draft.

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    Need two owners. Draft Sept 3rd.

    by Favrean4life Aug 19, 2015 8:22 PM
    Lefty Lefty Aug 19, 2015 11:56 PM Flag

    Dont be sorry. The guy is lazy. He'll probably be a lazy commish too. He should have provided all the details in his first post. ALL THE DETAILS. League size, draft type, rosters, scoring, draft date, positions, bench slots, division, playoff teams, playoff weeks, EVERYTHING.

    If this is his recruitment method, "need 2 owners. good active league" its a league to avoid.

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    Injured Keeper Player Question

    by Kevin R. Aug 19, 2015 9:22 PM
    Lefty Lefty Aug 19, 2015 9:38 PM Flag

    I'm the commish for a keeper league and was thinking about this earlier since someone kept him in my league as a 4th round pick. What if he got hurt in the 1st game instead?

    I thought about giving him a compensatory pick like in round 14 (of 21) - that's a 10 round drop for my league. It would give him a replacement without punishing him too bad and not giving him an advantage over the other teams. But thats a lot of work for me changing the draft order.

    I'm just going to say he's stuck. That's the risk of keeping players. They can get hurt, traded to football hell, land on the coaches **** list, suspended for PEDs, whatever. It's a big can of worms. Are you going to let the team drop Cam Newton since it affects his production? If he's a good owner in a good league he'll work around it.

  • Looking for a 14 or 16 team league with standard rosters and scoring.
    Live draft only.
    4 divisions preferred, 6 or 8 playoff teams.
    2QB or FLEX positions are ok
    No IDPs or bonus points.
    I play the entire season win or lose, since 2002.

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