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    Bennett or Allen

    by Tim Dec 20, 2014 9:22 PM

    Allen. I dont trust Santa Clausn who is throwing for the Bears. I trust Luck more and i like Allens matchup more

  • WOW Fantasy will drive you nuts.. NUTS I tell you.
    So get this. The guy I was playing in the championship AND I were both week at TE. I was starting Donell all year and in the CHAMPIONSHIP I REALLY didnt want to start him @ Rams. Yikes.
    LUCKLY on the waiver wire there were some decent TEs. One guy had Indy's D. Allen but Allen got hurt and he still had a good TE so he dropped Allen for the roster spot. Well, Allen was out there and the only other TE worth looking at was Philly's Ertz. Ertz all year PPR scoring OR standard Ertz has been TD or bust it seems. Guy has had 5 receptions in a game ONCE this year. Every other game he has had 4 or less. So I went for Allen first and Ertz second on waivers because Allen has good matchup and high powered O.

    Other guy did the same thing... Allen then Ertz. Well I got Allen and he got Ertz due to waiver priority. And in our .75 of a point per reception scoring... ERTZ decides to get 15 receptions. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty when he got 3 receptions first drive. I was like #$%$ was that. Thats like all he gets a game is 3 or 4 lol and he got 3 first drive. 15 receptions 115 yards later i was like #$%$ lol... REALLY? WORST part is Allen who i want to score like 2 TDs now.... well.. he has Andrew Luck... MAN lol... Can not win!

    Well I started Big Ben at home over rivers this week and that might bight me too. I figured Big Ben and the NUMBER ONE O in the league at home...over Rivers was a smart play..... Remember this for future Rivers owners.... if the Matchup looks good.... BENCH HIM... if that matchup looks bad...START HIM lol... cause he will do nothing one week agaisnt an ok matchup... which then you want to bench him when he has a tough matchup... and he throws 4 tds.... MAN MAN MAN lol... I have A brown too. I need Brown to have a 3 td game :p. that means Ben probably threw him all three then too
    Just venting and good luck and happy holidays

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    Anyone Playing Kaepernick?

    by John G Dec 20, 2014 10:56 PM

    Same if played rivers it looks like too 3 ints or not

  • I HONESTLY dont think Julio Jones is playing so I say Harry Douglas in for Gordon for sure. Browns are out of playoffs and Gordon is still trying to get his feet under him a little but with no playoff motivation I dont think that comes this year. And with Manzel throwing to him right now. Douglas FOR SURE over Gordon.

    Also, im torn on Murray. How can you bench him championship week if he plays? Either way I think you need to get Bell in your lineup. If not for Murray then for Stills. I like Stills this week but Bell has a good matchup vs the bears and will get touches where stills is hit or miss even in a potential shoot out game

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    Which def to start

    by waiver queen Dec 20, 2014 4:51 AM

    I like Buffalos unit this year but Detroit has a great D this year too and vs Clausen and no Brandon Marshall.... dont think i could pass that up

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    Crosby or Barth?

    by Greg Dec 18, 2014 7:58 PM

    It a coin toss obviously. But both kickers are on good teams and dont miss much so it a coin toss. Watch if you start Crosby the Packers score 35 points and all he kicks is 5 extra points and Barth will have 3 FGs and 4 XPs. But then if you start Barth Manning will score 35 points lol :p

    ALL I am going to say is I LOST a championship once by picking the wrong kicker. FOR that reason I never have 2 kickers on my roster this time of year ever. I usually dont anyway but especially this time of year lol

  • First off I want to say Happy Holidays and good luck to those in Fantasy this week. For those playing in the championship best of luck. I hope I can pull the win in my championship myself.

    I know a lot of people are looking for some lineup help and I really should be answering a few of them instead of wasting time posting this. But I am posting this just to get this on record and it may be useful to some out there that need lineup help here.

    That is: I can not help it... but I feel that Oakland TE Mychal Rivera will be a top TWO TE this week and maybe even the top scoring TE this week. Especially in PPR formats. And Oakland is even playing the stingy Bills D and I still feel that way.

    Do I have the courage to follow up with that? No lol. I am in the championship and playing it safe and going Indy's D. Allen @ Dallas over Rivera.

    But Rivera is at home and teams usually play better at home. Not saying the Raiders will win. But upsets tend to usually happen when the good team is on the road. The Bills beat the Jets in NY this year BUT the Jets even managed to score 23 that game. So Bills on the road is still stingy but...NFL on the road is tough.

    But Rivera does well in bad matchups lol. His 2 best games this year were vs SF 7 receptions over 100 yards TD and @ Seattle 8 receptions for a lousy 38 yards but 2 TDs. Even last week he had 7 receptions but for a lousy 39 yards but that was @ KC. Him and Carr I think are going to be a good future combo. Rivera def has a boost in PPR formats. If my numbers are right Rivera is coming off back to back 7 receptions games and 27 targets last 3 weeks i think???

    I have noticed near the goal line they will even line Rivera out and throw him fades. But the guy has had 6 plus receptions 5 times this year. Can not beat targets and receptions. Sick of TEs getting 3 receptions games. Basically TDs or nothing.

    Rivera not getting alot of love vs Bills, but high scoring TE this week. Put it on the board! lol :p

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    Kyle Rudolph out... help

    by Dannyo Dec 19, 2014 11:27 PM

    I like Clay this week. He looks like he is getting healthy again and becoming a bigger part of that O again

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    Biggest bust of the season... Peyton

    by robin s Dec 17, 2014 9:11 AM

    NO way he is the biggest bust. Brees has only had 2 good games this year too. McCoy has 4 tds on the year.

    Yeah he isnt living up to manning numbers right now but he probablyh helped get you to the dance even if he isnt helping you win it

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    PPR - Kelvin Benjamin or Andre Williams???

    by Brandon Dec 17, 2014 2:10 PM

    I wouldnt start anyone @ Rams except Beckham, and even then I wouldnt feel great about it.

  • I am not telling you anything new... you are probably aware of this... and that is Falcons @ Saints could be a shoot out.

    Thing is though... I dont think you realize how big of a shootout that game could be.

    BOTH Ds are the bottom 2 in the league. And both Os are top 7 Os this year.

    im calling this game to be a no punt game

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    #$%$??? why doesnt' mccoy run in the end zone???!?!!?

    by Timothy Dec 14, 2014 10:27 PM

    I agree WHAT BS. WILL NEVER draft McCoy again first round. NEVER. Especially since he doesnt get as many receptions anymore. You draft McCoy top 5 and maybe even number 1 overall especially PPR... team has not one...not two... but three rushing TDs so far and NOT ONE by mcCoy??? never again

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    by Chooooo Dec 14, 2014 12:18 AM

    jackson especially in ppr

  • I am a little worried about Julio playing and being a "decoy" or playing 3 snaps and sitting out the rest of the game. remember last week when Rashard Jennings was active? 3 total touches... yay! Backup williams got all the touches.
    Of course I HAVE to believe that the Falcons would not risk their star WR and play him this week unless they knew he could do something. Because the Falcons got the saints next week and the panthers the following week. of the falcons 3 remaining games, this is the one they need to win the least.... they need to win them all but this one the least of the 3 (saints being the game they need to win the most next week).
    POINT BEING.... the falcons are not going to play Julio this week unless the know he will be fine and play well. Otherwise what is the point?

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    Sounds like Julio ISNT going to play...

    by Joe Dec 12, 2014 5:13 PM

    Also, it doesn't help he played Monday, losing a day to heal

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    Sounds like Julio ISNT going to play...

    by Joe Dec 12, 2014 5:13 PM

    Yeah nothing official is out there about him being out or not. Still a game time decision. However it doesn't look good from what I am hearing.

  • Just saw on TV that John Clayton reports that Julio has not practice all week, he is less the 50% of playing this week, and sounds like the Falcons want t o save him for the big matchup they have next week vs the Saints.
    Julio is great and matchup is great too... but at this point from what I am hearing and seeing I don't know if I was to start him even IF he plays.

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    Cutler or Big Ben?

    by AARON Dec 12, 2014 2:59 PM

    Ben 100%.
    people were down on Ben last week and all the guy did was tear it up. Better matchup this week even.

    Thanks to A brown and L Bell... steeleres move the ball and always a threat to score many many points.

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    Flex help please

    by Joe Dec 11, 2014 4:02 PM

    thanks everyone

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    Which DEF???

    by gmenfan65 Dec 11, 2014 4:00 PM

    HOW can you bench the rams right now? I know the cards have 10 wins but Rams D is playing soo great right now and Cards O is nothing special. Nuff said.

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