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    Who would you keep?

    by Chad Jul 10, 2014 6:56 PM
    BenW BenW Jul 11, 2014 12:19 AM Flag

    You must be significantly underestimating your roster if you think these are your only options.

    Cameron is a gamble to thrive or bust.

    Tate is dead weight on a roster. If this league is smaller than 12 teams, you should easily be able to pick up two backs you will always start before using this overrated, injury-prone back who is on the worst rushing team in the league and who will split carries with a rookie.

    Cutler has upside if he plays the whole season (put his and McCown's numbers together for an idea of how the Bears' offense is trending), but there are better QBs you should be targetting.

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    trade question

    by Bry Mc Jul 9, 2014 11:11 PM
    BenW BenW Jul 10, 2014 6:24 PM Flag

    You have 4 WRs way worse than White/Wayne and 2 more TEs than you need on your roster. You should have no dropping concerns.

    You need help at RB, and this trade greatly improves your team. Stacey is an RB2 at worst and both White and Wayne could finish in the top 10 WRs.

    To be honest, if he really wants Megatron that badly, I would check if he has a decent backup QB on his team that you could make it a 4 for 1 trade.

    Drop your backup TEs and add some depth to your team elsewhere; even having another D that you can play matchups with is more valuable.

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    Manager quits after vetoed trade

    by Mr. T2 Jul 6, 2014 1:13 PM
    BenW BenW Jul 9, 2014 11:48 AM Flag

    Trades, to be a fair trade, should be either be even or stand to benefit both teams. Most people forget the latter.

    This trade certainly isn't even.

    The only plausible scenario for it to benefit both teams is if Cameron can be considered a top TE and the new manager had:
    Plentiful elite WRS (Megatron, Green, Bryant, Julio, etc.)
    No roster-worthy TE (why he has Walker)
    Bad RBs
    A #$%$ kicker

    However, that still doesn't make it the best trade the new manager could agree to since he/she could have offered a different WR. Cameron is also a gamble, which makes it even worse. He was fantastic to start the season and #$%$ for the second half of last year (averaged less than 3 ppg for 7 out of 8 final games in regular scoring) and the team has new coaching.

    Trade should easily be vetoed. It's either a commish taking advantage of an inexperienced owner or outright cheating.

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    dynasty league first pick rookie draft

    by The Beast Jun 13, 2014 11:41 AM
    BenW BenW Jun 13, 2014 9:43 PM Flag

    There's no need for a backup QB in an 8-team league.

    You can drop Wilson and Novak for the time being, but remember that you're still going to need to drop another player to pick up Novak or a better kicker before the season starts. Certainly don't listen to the guy telling you to drop one of the top Ds in a division of spotty O-lines.

    For your first pick, it's really just a pick your poison situation with Sankey, Hopkins, or Evans.

    I would go with Sankey given that your RBs are surrounded by question marks at the moment and he'll the greatest immediate trade value.

    Hopkins is the choice if you feel comfortable with your RBs, and if he's on punts/kicks, that could be huge.

    I wouldn't go with Evans as that means you basically traded Jackson for Evans.

    Having the top 3 TEs, you should easily be able to trade/bundle one for upgrades at any position but QB. That's assuming you can't start all three.