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    Who should I take? ANA Goalies

    by David Oct 2, 2014 2:43 PM
    Chris Chris Oct 3, 2014 5:42 PM Flag

    I'd go with Gibson. Andersen/Gibson may be splitting starts this season, but Gibson has tons more upside and is being groomed for the future starting job. I wouldn't trade away any goalies yet(Unless this is a keeper league and you don't consider your team a legit contender). They have only played 31career NHL game's at combined so far. They should get the wins, but their GAA and S% will see a hit from last year.

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    Roman Josi or Hampus Lindholm???

    by adam Oct 2, 2014 6:18 PM
    Chris Chris Oct 3, 2014 5:25 PM Flag

    Lindholm offers much more +/-, and can chip in a bit more PIM, but the other categories favourite Josi. IMO, they both have the same upside, Josi is more established now, and plays top pairing with Weber for the foreseeable future. This will be Lindholm's sophomore season, and he's still pretty raw, so he should see some sheltered minutes, so there is a possibility he matches Josi's offense, but I doubt it. I think his upside is more for his defense than offense.

    I'd take Josi, unless you're hurting for +/-

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    Ryan for Lucic who wins

    by The Pootamis Sep 29, 2014 3:12 PM
    Chris Chris Sep 29, 2014 9:41 PM Flag

    You're proposing this, or was this proposed to you? If its being proposed to you, I'd take that and run. If you're proposing this, might not be able to do it 1 for 1, for pretty much the same reason you want Lucic to begin with, unless he's really hard up for a RW(Ryan is RW/LW, Lucic is LW) Ryan and Lucic should roughly put up the same amount of points(I think Ryan outscores Lucic by a little), but its the other categories that Lucic more or less just blows Ryan away in. (+/-, PIM and Hits)

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    Goalie Help for Keeper League

    by D H Sep 25, 2014 2:37 PM
    Chris Chris Sep 25, 2014 8:41 PM Flag

    I pretty much agree. Bernier would have to stand on his head like last year. IMO, right now, TO are no more improved from last year. I'd have to see how Carlyle changes up the gameplan, and how the players react before saying otherwise. I personally would go with either Elliott or Holtby for short term. Gibson for long term. Elliott is probably the safest of all the G mentioned here.

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    Opinions on my team....

    by Chuck B. Sep 24, 2014 9:33 AM
    Chris Chris Sep 25, 2014 2:47 PM Flag

    I like your team, but you got a lot of real life teammates. Granted, they all play for really high end teams(3 each from Boston, Chicago and St Louis, then 2 each from a couple others), so in the end, it shouldn't really hurt, but week to week, it could play havoc if one or more of those teams get into a rut.

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    First draft, rate the team please.

    by Malkinficent Sep 22, 2014 7:19 PM
    Chris Chris Sep 24, 2014 9:57 PM Flag

    Comparable to Kronwall, I mean. Keith and Doughty are a tier above and should be picked if their still on the board.

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    First draft, rate the team please.

    by Malkinficent Sep 22, 2014 7:19 PM
    Chris Chris Sep 24, 2014 9:53 PM Flag

    I actually like your goalies. In a 12 team league, unless you pick 2 goalies in the first couple rounds, you're not going to get 2 or 3 elite goaltenders. I think goaltending is your most solid position. I probably would have held off on drafting Dmen after Doughty/Keith and focused on forward firepower. D is pretty deep and underrated on Yahoo, you more than likely could have picked up a fairly comparable one later in the draft, like a Carlson, Burns or Josi.

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    Under-Ranked by Yahoo?

    by J M Sep 19, 2014 12:42 PM
    Chris Chris Sep 20, 2014 8:53 AM Flag

    I don't really pay too much attention to the rankings. Yea, its a bit of a pain searching for a certain player when drafting, but I really wouldn't want to be in a league if everybody relied mostly on Yahoo(or any other site, really. ESPN rankings are just as bad) rankings.

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    Dynasty Draft Advice !!!!

    by Daniel T Sep 18, 2014 1:44 AM
    Chris Chris Sep 18, 2014 9:28 AM Flag

    Depends on settings, but I'd never draft a goalie first unless goalies have ridiculous value. Which is very rare. Yea, its nice to have Rask(7) or Lundqvist(10), but then you miss out on the Crosby's, Stamkos', Ovechkin's and the other guys who put up huge numbers. In a 10 team league, there should still be a good selection of quality goaltenders well into the 4th round. Just have to be aware of runs(that's assuming all managers are present and not auto drafting) because they sometimes can go for awhile.

  • Chris Chris Sep 17, 2014 7:31 PM Flag

    I'll take it, if its still available.

    chrisbarbeau12 at yahoo dot ca

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    Yahoo Come on - Keeper league related

    by GM MacBay Sep 14, 2014 12:35 AM
    Chris Chris Sep 14, 2014 6:08 AM Flag

    It seems fantasy hockey, in general(not just Yahoo) has gotten off to a slow start. ESPN hasn't added any at all, and it probably won't until around Sept. 20th, from my understanding.

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    goaile dilemma

    by Gary Aug 23, 2014 12:57 AM
    Chris Chris Sep 12, 2014 4:19 PM Flag

    What's even crazier is that he has only played 196 career games. Personally, I'd probably hold off 104 more GP before making that claim, but I do agree that Rask is the way to go here, if I had to choose one.

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    Keeper help?

    by Serge Sep 8, 2014 8:21 AM
    Chris Chris Sep 9, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    I'd definitely keep Lucic. Especially if hits are counted. He's not going to be a top goal scorer or point getter, but he gets solid numbers across a bunch of categories. If you go with a Dman, IMO its a toss up between Kronwall and Burns. I'd probably go with Burns, he's (at least for now) penciled in on the 2nd pair, so he should see some easier assignments than Kronwall. If he retains RW status, its an added bonus.

    If its another forward....that's an even tougher call for me. My gut says Nyquist, but Hartnell, Kane and Schenn could all put up good numbers. If Schenn sticks as 1LW, that could be really huge.

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    Is 2 minutes max time between picks??

    by Mike Sep 5, 2014 9:56 PM
    Chris Chris Sep 7, 2014 3:55 AM Flag

    Oh right. Fantrax. I can understand that, then. They aren't as popular as Yahoo or ESPN(maybe even CBS, not sure) so they basically rely on offering what the big guys don't. I know they have actual salary cap options, and some different scoring options that ESPN/Yahoo doesn't have. Not sure what else, its been years since I've been on there, but extended online pick times wouldn't surprise me, since Yahoo/ESPN both cap it at 2 minutes.

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    4 replacements needed for 3rd year keeper league

    by Kate Sep 4, 2014 11:20 AM
    Chris Chris Sep 6, 2014 2:02 PM Flag

    chrisbarbeau12 at yahoo dot ca
    Team 3
    Sorry, forgot that Yahoo forums rarely excel at simple.

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    Will Steals finally be an option?

    by Fredrick Sep 2, 2014 2:29 PM
    Chris Chris Sep 4, 2014 5:29 PM Flag

    As far as I know, its not an option this season. Not sure how accurate the league is in tracking them, but same can be said for hits and SOG too. Its basically another stat geared to forwards, which I think there's more than enough of, but it definitely would add a different dynamic than the typical scoring stats, even though there were a lot of star players among the leaders in takeaways last year.

  • Chris Chris Sep 1, 2014 7:11 PM Flag

    It was 8 last year. I assume its the same this year. That's per Yahoo account.

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