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  • Here we go again! Why in the f can't the idiots that run Yahoo fantasy sports respond to the thousands of complaints that they receive every year about locking us into players in postponed games?

    Here I sit with Cleveland and Boston players locked into my starting line up for a game that never began and won't be played today and I have bench players who are eligible to play tonight but I CANNOT USE THEM BECAUSE THESE MORONS REFUSE TO REWRITE SOME COMPUTER CODE TO MAKE FANTASY SPORTS MATCH REALITY!

    Everyone with a player in a postponed game today is losing scoring potential. The games will not be made up this week. The day they are made up you will not be allowed to start extra players to make up for what you lost. The points are GONE for most of us. There is absolutely no reason for players in postponed games to be locked in as having played today. This bullshit has been going on for years and the people at Yahoo are simply too lazy or too incompetent to correct it.

    All that has to happen is for Yahoo to change the settings that lock players in games that never began. If the postponed game had a scheduled start time of 4 PM and you don't get your players out by 3:59 PM they are locked in and no substitutions are allowed. Locked into a game that was never played. No fans arrived at the stadium. No pitchers pitched. No batters batted. But the asses that manage Yahoo sports refuse to change the settings that lock them in as having participated in a game today and ruin it for us.

    Keep in mind I am not talking about games that are postponed after the game began. This isn't about rain outs. I am talking about games where the fans never even arrived. I am talking about games delayed by snow or hurricanes or storms as happens a few dozen times every .

    Today in Cleveland the field is covered with snow and anyone with a Cleveland or Boston player in their lineup is f....d! It happens every year and the people at Yahoo who are to blame should be fired.

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    Why are you doing fantasy sports if you only want to pay attention one day a week? Idiots.

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