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    Loving the White Board more and more.

    by Perplexed Jul 13, 2015 10:24 PM

    The "weather" and "screen" sections of Yahoo are NOT white. Enough with the effing standardize #$%$.

  • I am running a Keeper League that is in it's 9th Season and I have 1 team available. The League is a 10 team league and we keep 6 players. 4 teams make the playoffs and are played in Weeks 15 and 16. We do a Live Draft and it is scheduled for Sunday, August 30th at 8pm EST. Let me know if your interested.

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    Why does fantasy football outsell fantasy golf ?

    by Tommy T Jul 22, 2015 10:25 PM

    why don't you go loiter on that board then...heres the definition of loitering..because you obviously didn't learn anything in home school..lol

    to remain in an area for no obvious reason

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    Looks like Katy Perry is a Nicki Minaj fan

    by Tommy T Jul 22, 2015 11:21 PM

    that and a Zebco ultra light.

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    Need an Owner for a Rebuild

    by JAH Jul 23, 2015 9:01 AM

    Yea... most teams trade. You can trade draft picks too. Once this team is filled, I'll set a draft date.

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    I would love your opinion on this trade...

    by ChadT Jul 22, 2015 10:57 PM

    The problem is that in a week 2 of those 3 guys could be setup men and then you traded Bumgarner for Papelbon. I think making smaller moves like dealing Burnett or Santiago in 1-for-1s for better closers would make more sense if you can do it.

    If you're dead set on this (which you shouldn't be) at least wait until August 1st.

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    N.W.A set to reunite.

    by Tommy T Jul 23, 2015 5:43 AM

    ain't nothin without flava flav

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    by Tom Jul 20, 2015 2:25 PM

    explain the connection between being in the 94th percentile in yahoo fantasy nascar and being a scratch golfer.

    I did once shoot 84 (i think it was 84, might have been 86) on Doral Silver but i've never ever sniffed a score in the 70s. I ain't got nothing off the tee, and that's a damn shame.

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    QB2 Question - Drafting

    by Bulldozier1963 Jul 23, 2015 10:21 AM

    Cam is the easy favorite here. He's been top 5 basically every year... was top 8 per game last year, but played through injury the first half.

    Next I'd take Romo. I like Tannehill, but there's just more certainty with him.

    Tannehill is 3rd.

    Brady is last... he may miss 1-4 weeks. He also hasn't been a top 7 QB in 2 years. Take Gronk out of the equation, and he is literally below avg. His top 10 QB days are long gone.

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    How do I change owners in a keeper league?

    by Dan D Jul 16, 2015 1:59 PM

    Both options are there until the league is full, once full the method you speak of goes away.

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    I get to pick my draft slot

    by Ryan Jul 8, 2015 1:18 PM

    I won the March Madness Pool too by selecting Duke, but I only won money. I would go with #5. Good luck!

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    2 OF 3 KEEPERS????

    by Sully Jul 22, 2015 5:27 PM

    AP for sure. The other two are a toss up. I would probably go Megatron, but you can't really go wrong here. Flip a coin, throw a dart, have your 3 year old sister pick, it doesn't really matter.

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    Which RB would you keep?

    by Craig Jul 22, 2015 7:11 PM

    I'm not as big on Randle as most people are, but I would still take him over Robinson without any hesitation because he probably has the best chance to be the eventual starter.

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    dynasty league: puig or sal perez

    by Aaron Jul 22, 2015 8:23 PM

    That was also his 1st full season at age 23 yo. That's 100 times better than Perez. If you count this year against him, which has been injury plagued then Perez is closer. But still 50 times less valuable.

  • I am commish of a league where we have already held our off-line draft and I have placed each player on their respective team. I set up the waiver for "gametime through Tuesday" but I don't want our league waivers to go through until Wednesday Sept. 9th. Currently, everyone on the wire is a free agent (but I have locked all teams so nobody can make a drop/add before Sept 9th, I don't want people running to computer when someone goes down in preseason, all players should go through waiver process). I have "Time players are on waivers" set to 2 days.

    I have tried tinkering with the commish settings but can't figure out how to set the first waiver date for months down the road. Help?

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    Best Roster Format - Starting a New League

    by Mike Jul 19, 2015 11:53 PM

    The league that I run is eight teams and each roster is
    And six bench players (that can be any position, but i think you can only carry a max of four goalies)
    I also have one IR slot and one IR+ slot (thats for players that are day-to-day rather than IR)

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    Kicker scoring needs to be revised asap

    by Trick Jul 20, 2015 4:56 PM

    Since we utilize decimal scoring, all I want is a 39 yard FG made to be worth 3.90 points rather than a 3. I want a 45 yard FG made to be worth 4.50 points rather than a 4. I want a 40 yard FG made to be worth 4.00 points, etc. A 39 yard FG made should be worth more points than a 30 yard FG made, but Yahoo won't give me that option. If a kicker makes a 62 yard FG, then yes I want that kicker to get 6.20 points which is more than the 5 or 6 or whatever. It is very rare to make 60+ yard FG, but I at least want the option of giving them points. True Comparison: a 39 yard reception is worth more points than a 30 yard reception in our decimal scoring system.

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    I would love your opinion on this trade...

    by ChadT Jul 22, 2015 10:57 PM

    This is not new but this is what you need to know about closers:

    Joakim Soria (KC):

    2008 - 42 saves (team = 75 wins)
    2009 - 30 saves (team = 65 wins)
    2010 - 43 saves (team = 67 wins)

    Mariano Rivera (NYY):

    2008 - 39 saves (team = 89 wins)
    2009 - 44 saves (team = 103 wins)
    2010 - 33 saves (team = 95 wins)


  • I'm in a keeper league in which we can choose two players to keep, based on their draft position from last season. My no-brainer keeper is Odell Beckham, who I can keep for just an eighth-round pick. The other is a bit harder to choose. Here are my options and the pick round I would have to give up:

    Eddie Lacy (Round 1)
    Emmanuel Sanders (Round 5)

    Obviously, neither of those are insane value picks like Beckham is. Sanders would seem to be the obvious choice, but the way our draft works makes Lacy more interesting. Our draft picks are not yet locked in; we get to choose where we draft based on last season's standings. So last places chooses their draft spot first, second-to-last chooses next, and so on.

    So when my turn rolls around, I can actually choose a spot late in the first round and essentially keep Lacy for the No. 9 overall pick. I figure I could then use my early second rounder on Gronk or Dez, if available. So I'd be starting with a Top 3 of Lacy, Beckham and Dez/Gronk. Is that the right move? Or should I stick with Sanders so I can have my first four rounds open to draft the best available?

  • Following the trend of this board, I have a question about my keeper league team. It's a 10-team league with two WRs and a flex, and we can keep guys in exchange for the draft pick used on them last year. My no-brainer keeper is Odell Beckham, who I can keep for an 8th rounder. We can select one other keeper, and that one is a little trickier for me. Here are my main two options and the pick I would give up to keep them:

    Eddie Lacy (Round 1)
    Emmanuel Sanders (Round 5)

    Sanders would seem to be the better value, but the way our draft works makes things a little more interesting. Our draft order hasn't yet been finalized, we get to choose our spot based on where we finished last year. So last place gets first selection of where they draft, next-to-last gets next selection, and so on. Since nobody else is keeping their first-round pick from last year, I'm expecting everyone to mostly stand pat and just select the same spot where they finished.

    However, when it comes to my turn (I finished fourth last season, so would get the No. 7 selection), I feasibly could instead choose the No. 9/10 pick in the first round and keep Lacy, then have my first pick be early in the second round. And I figured I could use that on Gronk/Dez/Forte, depending on who's available. So my Top 3 would be Lacy, Beckham, and Gronk/Dez/Forte. Should I do that? Or would it be smarter to stick with the better value in Sanders and have my first four rounds open to pick the best available?

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