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  • im offered cespedes and jefrees RP brewers for cueto and carlos Martinez

  • looks like he bet the two plus the large again....it is what it is

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    help me out on this trade proposal

    by Harry May 16, 2016 11:35 PM

    Disagree on the closer point from John below---at least in a H2H league as a single closer getting hot and snagging ~3 saves in a week may be enough to win at least a couple weeks. In ROTO, he has a point for sure...

    But yeah, don't do this deal.....Not even close brother. Cruz has consecutive 40 HR seasons and has looked fine this year. Price's ERA is outta whack, but everything points to big improvements (those K's and low bb's). Those are by far the most valuable players in this deal.

    Hammel is decent, but has overachieved thus far. I'm a Hammel owner, and a cub fan, but expect something closer to mid-high 3's era ROS. Not to mention with his 2nd half collapse last year, that'll continue to be a concern.

    If your SP is fine, you could consider Price alone for Hammel and Melancon. I wouldn't add much more than that...... But only if your SP is good already----Price legitimately could post a sub-3 ERA with a boatload of K's ROS...don't sell low on him. Conversely if your hitting/OF is good, you could consider Cruz alone for Hammel and Melancon. If you REALLY want Hammel/Melancon you could throw in a bench bat etc (mid-tier at best) with either price or cruz but even then, value-wise, you'd probably be losing the deal (which doesn't mean its always a bad deal to make).

    Honestly, if I were trading either Price or Cruz, I'd be shooting for a higher end piece than melancon. If people won't give that to you cause of Price's ERA, than keep price and ENJOY the ace-like performance ROS.

  • Standard league if you only have lets say 4 or 6 teams come draft day and not 10 will yahoo let you play with that?

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    by ROB Apr 22, 2016 11:12 PM

    I am winning now...to the tune of 62%.....If I drop billy today he would be the 4th most owned guy on my leegs FA page....behind Brock holt, AJ pollock and Matt weiters

  • Here's an offer I just accepted:

    I give: Rizzo, Kluber
    I get: Duda, McCutchen, Kluber

    I'm in a 12 team H2H points league.
    C: Posey, Cervelli
    1b: Goldschmidt, Tour, Duda
    2b: Kinsler, Odor
    3b: Longoria
    SS: Diaz, Kang
    OF: Hayward, Span, Bradley, Puig, Pillar, Moss, Mccutcheon
    SP: Bumgarner, Arrieta, Wainwright, Iwakuma, Latos, Liriano, Teheran.
    RP: Chapman

    Good move?

  • Looking for 2 replacements in our league, one inactive and one had life stuff come up. We've got a unique keeper system I can give you the details about. 6x6 h2h with OBP and H, QS instead of win. Both teams can still be competitive if managed actively. Leave info and I will send rosters or email draftman347 at y

  • If a public league then there's nothing you can do. Try and find a private league, they're so much better

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    just traded rizzo hear me out

    by John Giordano May 16, 2016 11:20 PM

    If you gave up Rizzo for two pitchers, one of them should have been Kershaw, Sale, or Arrieta

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    Wil Myers vs Peralta or Starling Marte vs Arrieta

    by Gordon May 14, 2016 11:55 AM

    Are you asking if you should trade Myers / Marte for Peralta / Arrieta? It's a fair trade...it really depends on needs. I do think Peralta has more upside than Myers, if / when he's healthy.

  • RUMOR: Kevin Harvick is mulling an offer to leave Stewart-Haas Racing after this season and move to Hendrick Motorsports in a deal that would keep him with Chevrolet and insert him into Kasey Kahne’s No. 5 car.

    REPORTED BY: Tom Bowles, Frontstretch.com

    THE DETAILS: Harvick is a Chevy man, having driven one in NASCAR's Sprint Cup competition his entire career. But Stewart-Haas Racing is moving to Ford in 2017 and could suffer some transition pains next season. Harvick has shot down rumors all season that he wants to leave Stewart-Haas but Bowles says the mulling of a switch isn’t new to NASCAR insiders despite being denied by both sides.

    SINCE 2014: It's no secret Kahne has struggled over the past two seasons despite the successful nature of Hendrick Motorsports. Since the start of the 2014 season, Kahne has just one win to go along with 25 top 10s in 84 races and an average driver rating over 100 at just one (Indianapolis) of the 23 tracks on the circuit. Harvick, on the other hand, owns nine wins since 2014 with 57 top 10s and an average driver rating over 100 at every track except Talladega and Daytona. Since the start of the 2014 season to date, Harvick has led 5,119 laps to Kanhe's 284 (zero this season).

    OUR TAKE: If Harvick does make the shift, it would mean Kahne, who is under contract at Hendrick until 2018, would be looking at a possible buyout situation. Harvick is under contract with Stewart-Haas through the 2016 season with an option for the 2017 season. Harvick's move to Hendrick would be a win-win for both sides as the team needs a difference maker to challenge the recent dominance of Joe Gibbs Racing. The downside for Harvick would be the parting ways with crew chief Rodney Childers, who has been with the No. 4 team since Harvick's championship season.

    Harvick's move to Hendrick would also initiate what is expected to be a a busy offseason of driver swaps as Clint Bowyer joins the No. 14 Stewart-Haas Racing car and no extension has been announced for Ryan Newman in the No. 31 Richard Childress Racing car. Newman’s teammate Paul Menard will also be a free agent after this season.

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    No Pro Leagues in FL?

    by Rob May 17, 2016 10:51 AM

    Either way.....MY PERSONAL OPINION.....this is going to be the LAST Yahoo has DFS anyway.
    1)A Lot of states BIG states (NY,NJ,PA,TEX,CAL) with pending legislation requiring FEES to play these games in these states...it becomes clear its MORE profitable to NOT have the "pay" games and keep the free ones which rely on sponsorship and advertising then to risk paying fees and/or restricting in these (and more) states to come.
    2) Google it! Yahoo is UP for sale. A rumored deal with Verizon is on the table, several other buyers are also looking to get involved. If this sale happens the fantasy games will be sold along with it....possible keeping the Yahoo name for a season or two....or not, hard to say. But ONE thing is certain...like IBM, like Microsoft, etc, they will LICENSE their name and have little to none in actually providing the products/service (which has been less & less each year BTW).

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    How Ya Like Me Now?

    by MBV May 17, 2016 4:28 AM

    My guess is Arenad, Trout and Correa

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    Trust Tulo and Sonny in this trade??

    by Steve May 18, 2016 2:04 AM

    I'm holding correa, and I love D Price (he's still a stud). Sonny Gray looks lost, control is outta whack--he's obv better than he's been but peripherial #'s don't scream he's in for a big bounceback (unlike Price). Brandon Crawford is pretty meh---fine, but nothing spectacular--- .250/15ish HR/60 runs/65 RBI

    And this is a keeper league? Yeah, no thanks.

    Honestly, im not sold on Tulo and even sold-lowish on him a few weeks back. .235, 20ish HR, 65ish runs, 70ish RBI is what I'd expect. Coupled with the obv injury risk and he's nothing guaranteed or great.

    Food for thought....Tulo's #s since joining Toronto: 79 games, 300 at bats .220 batting average, .305ish OBP, .385ish slug%. 13 HR, 37 RBI, 45 runs.

    I expect him to be better than his #s with toronto have thus far been, but ready to become anything close to that superstar SS again? Nope.

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    just traded rizzo hear me out

    by John Giordano May 16, 2016 11:20 PM

    I hear you, but your valuation is just too low.

    Rizzo likely final season #s: .275 BA, 35 HR (and 40 wouldnt shock me), 110 runs, 115 rbi He's a prime-age stud boasting a .400 OBP in a stacked lineup.

    Kemps likely final season #s: .260BA, 25HR, 75 runs, 90 RBI. He's a post-prime player on a team with an anemic offense in a terrible hitting ballpark.

    So you lost 15 points of BA, 10 HR, 30 runs, 25 RBI.

    Look, are you screwed? No. Hell your team may be better off for it as SP was a need. But the point is that you did not receive equal value in return. Especially this early in the year, your goal needs to be maximize value in trades. At end of year it's a little more justifiable to 'lose' a trade value wise in order to fit a need and improve your overall team. But this early? No rush to sell pieces without getting max value.

    Think about where these guys would be drafted. Rizzo's a sure-fire 1st rounder. The guys you got--probably no better than a 5th round (degrom).

    Speaking of Degrom, the era is still there so far but there's definite concerns. His velocity is down 2.5 mph, his K's have disappeared (5.75 K/9 compared to 9.66 K/9 last year), Hard hit % is up....look he's good enough that he can still be pretty good without the overpowering stuff. But there's probably around 15 SP that would be more highly valued at this point.

    Pomeranz is solid, but likely more of a mid-3 ERA with good K type pitcher ROS than what hes been thus far.

    Plain and simple, you should have just targetted a higher-end 'ace' than degrom for a 1st-round stud like rizzo.

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    Minor League Call Up

    by J-PLATT May 17, 2016 10:25 PM

    If he is called up, he will start off in your league on waivers, so his availability will depend on your league's waiver rules.

    In public leagues, he will be added the day after he is called up and will be on waivers. Typically pitchers are called up on the day they are the projected starters. That means that in most cases, pitchers are not available for their first big league start because they are not currently in the pool and won't be added until the day after their first game.

  • Team A gets: Strasburg
    Team B gets: Jose Fernandez

    League is 10 team 4 keeper league that will be switching to dynasty league in the future. Team B also has Kershaw.

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    1 manager needed

    by Rich May 17, 2016 9:46 PM

    send me invite.I ck it out....jrwoods2010 at yahoo

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    Trumbo Owners - Are you Keeping or Selling?

    by Jamie May 17, 2016 7:52 PM

    In a league with 360 players owned... Kris Davis is available. So is Steve Pearce. And Adam Duvall. Jake Lamb. Trace Thompson. All waiver wire guys. All have held more value over the past month. Kris Davis is basically Mark Trumbo, and he will always be there.

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