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    1 more owners needed for new dynasty league

    30 team h2h dynasty league needs an experienced, knowledgible owner to take over the New York Mets . You pick any 45 players from the Mets organization, (major leagues minor leagues, 2012 draft). From there you build your dynasty anyway you see fit.

    Large rosters, up to 30 man minors, draft pick trading, contracts, playoffs mimicking MLB, and much more.

    Daily matchups 1 win based on 7x7 scoring: hitting- h, r, hr, rbi, sb, avg, ops pitching- w,k, hld, sv, k/bb, whip, qs.

    Worried your trades will get shot down, preventing you from building? Don't, there is a vote system yes, but 20 of the 30 teams must veto, then it goes to a review committee who will only shoot it down if collusion or cheating is suspected.

    Contracts are based off of a 4 year contract system, no salaries, automated by Fantrax. Original draft contracts for 2012 for major leaguers will be as follows: 4 three year deals , 4 two year, 6 one year, and everyone else recieves a 4 year deal. Minor leaguers also receive a 4 year contract,. Players meeting Minor League eligibility requirements of maximum 75 ab or 35 ip may be kept as long as wanted, and will have their contract "rolled back" to begin each year . Players can be dropped anytime in their contract without penalty.
    Any player with at least a 2 year deal in the original draft may be extended one time for up to three years. After that contract expires they will enter the following year draft.

    During the season any player on a major league roster is eligible to be picked up. Players in the minors, first year players draft, ect, can only be picked up during the draft.

    Full league rules can be found here: http://www1.fantrax.com/fantasy/leagueRulesSummary.go?leagueId=kcoke4y1h36g89pc

    There is a $2 fee to help pay for premium services that can be paid directly to fantrax

    If you have any questions or if interested in joining email patheos4419@gmail.com

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