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  • shaker shaker Aug 28, 2014 6:11 PM Flag

    Looking to join a NON-KEEPER league

    Since Yahoo isn't letting me join any custom leagues, I figure I'll ask if anyone has a league to join here.

    Looking to join a Non-Keeper league. Preferably H2H, 12 teams, standard categories, and a live draft.

    I have an 83% game performance rating out of 8 teams managed, with 6 trophies. I have been playing since 2006.

    Since I only play in a league a year, I'm incredibly picky about the kind of league that I'll join. I prefer one with an established group of people that have been playing with each other for a few years, but do a fresh draft every year; that just needs a few new players. I also have a friend that I would like to bring with me who is almost as good as I am; assuming he can make the draft, we both work all day so night drafts (around 8PM EST) are best. So if you run this type of league, and need a couple of new faces please leave your e-mail. I'd leave mine but I get so much spam, I wouldn't know whats real and whats fake. Thanks.

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