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  • ryan b ryan b Aug 22, 2014 4:54 PM Flag

    New Roto Auction Keeper League!

    Welcome to the FNBA ROTO AUCTION KEEPER LEAGUE! I wanted to try something different, so i thought an auction keeper would be fun.

    I have the league size set to 14 in case we get enough people, but the size will be at least 12 teams. We will have a roster size of 15 and we will be keeping 10 players. Standard 9 cat scoring. FAAB bidding.

    I am sending invites to other managers that I have played with in other leagues, I am also looking to the message boards to find some new blood. If you are interested leave your email and i will send you an invite. i will look at your history and player profile and if they meet the standards and you seem like a good fit, you stay, if not i will remove you. So please be active commited and most importantly GOOD! Again, I am looking for active passionate fantasy nba fans, that will set their lineups everyday, make trades, be aggressive, post to the league message board, answer poll questions, basicly just very active managers, like the rest of the league will be. I have been running leagues for almost 10 years, have a baseball keeper league i run. play in mostly keeper/dynasty leagues. IMHO keepers/dynasty leagues are the way to go!

    It is imperative that you are able to make the draft, since it is a keeper auction. Too hard to auto draft and be competitive, and i do not want to have to replace a #$%$ team.

    Once you accept the invite look over the settings and draft times (draft time not set in stone, just a place card) and if there is something i should change let me know. lets have a good season!

    So if interested i leave email, but if you post your email your comment will be blocked so post it like
    myemail(at)yahoo and you should be good to go!

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