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    2.number of teams-16 teams you pick the team national or american league.want to make this one even 8 american and 8 national 2 divisions.
    3.point system stat cat head to head
    rosters-25 players .
    4.draft thursday night live march 27 10 15pm THIS DRAFT WILL START NEAR OR SLIGHTLY AFTER START OF SEASON EACH YEAR.
    5..rules for setup year 1
    a.manager of team will be allowed to select 4 keepers from their chosen team the first season. They will draft 1 more from their chosen team and also have the right to select an na from their chosen team only as well before the draft( this will replace one of your draft choices however),commish will install them on teams before draft. You will need to keep 5 active all season long(not on dl)
    6. Rules for following seasons
    a keepers-
    6a.you will need to select 3 conventional keepers from your roster from the previous season( from any mlb team including your chosen one)
    6b. You will need 5 active keepers to start the season( not on dl) from your chosen team and keep 5 active all season long. These can be obtained a number of ways.( must total 5 at the start of season)
    6b-1. You can select 0-5 from last year's roster.if a given player changed teams in the off season he no longer is considered to be part of your chosen(designated) team and can only be used as a non designated keeper
    6b.-2 pre season trading commish approved,
    6b-3.you can select 0-2 from the existing ww/fa pool of players for the next season( don't forget people will be releasing players from the previous season rosters to widen the pool)
    6b.4-through the league draft
    6b-5. A kind of rule v rule ...you will be able to raid another team's roster from last year to choose 1 player from your chosen team to become one of your 5 keepers for that upcoming season. In order to do this that player's manager will be able to demand compensation from your last season roster( not a player from your chosen team though) in the way of a player,a draft choice or a combination to make it work.this will need to be approved by you as far as what the manager demands and also by the commish the kicker here is that the manager of that demanded player does not have the right to refuse that chosen team player to the raiding manager. If he demands the player once compensation is worked out the player goes to the chosen team manager.this will open up a number of possibilities as far as possibly that manager getting his own chosen team keeper from your squad,a non designated keeper or even a draft choice( choices at yahoo have to be swapped up and down as you can't add just
    7. na can be added from chosen team before draft but draft choice will be used
    if interested contact me .i'm at the big yahoo I'm eddino55


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