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  • urbanslapshot urbanslapshot Mar 5, 2014 7:30 PM Flag

    New League Openings

    Looking for managers for a Team Draft. This league you draft from all 122 teams at the beginning of the season. You have a total of 10 teams to choose from and there will be 2 left over teams that will have their players go to the waiver wire after the draft is over. You can pick a Max of 4 teams in one sport but you have to pick a Min of 2 teams in each sport. Once you have drafted the real life team from each of the 4 sports, you then select your players off those teams. This league will be a keeper league with cross sports trading. If you are interested please message me back. 2 spots available for this league.

    Second league is a 4 sports keeper league with cross sports trading as well. 5 spots available in this league. Again, if you are interested in this league or both, message me back.

    Rosters and Settings are pretty standard with a change here and there. If you have any other questions or your are interested in joining, please message me at urbanslapshot at yahoo if you wish to join.


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