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  • LEAF LEAF Feb 6, 2014 5:59 PM Flag

    Veto Worthy Trade?

    I am the commish and am wondering if I should take action and veto this deal. I am leaning towards YES, but wanted to get others thoughts since the league isn't very active with checking trades.

    Team A gets: N. Young, P. Gasol, I. Thomas

    Team B gets: L. James & D. Nowitzki

    The overall standings of the managers also raises some suspicions of collusion with Team B closer to making the playoffs. Thanks for reading.

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    • This is an old post, so you probably already took some action.

      No question the trade is lopsided. What I would do as commish is:

      1) Extend the trade review period (probably too late for that now)
      2) Email both managers involved. Ask them to post messages to the message board explaining their rationale for the trade.
      3) If they refuse to do this, or if their replies don't pass the "smell test", you can veto the trade with a clear conscience.

    • hmmmmmm... I hate vetoing deals, specially if both sides agree and there is no collusion involved, but that deal is pretty lopsided. Team B gets the best player (LBJ), and maybe the 2nd best player in the deal (Dirk). although you can argue that IT2 has more value then Dirk. that's a tough one. as the commish, I would touch bases with both sides of the deal to make sure there is no collusion


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