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  • Jeff G Jeff G Jan 30, 2014 9:18 PM Flag

    Help with review a Trade

    I'm serving as Asst Commish as Commish out of country. This is a head to head league 9 category with OREB, DREB, AST, A/T, BL, FG%, PTS, 3PTM, ST. Team A trades Klay Thompson, Ibaka, Lillard, Team B trades Oladipo, Evan Turner, and Milsap

    I think trade A definitely has the advantage in 6 categories, is this enough of an advantage to veto a trade? Need help right away, thank you

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    • If I were the commish I would veto this trade, definitely.

    • Your job is not to evaluate a trade based on your opinion and past statistics, your job is to veto a trade where there is clearly collusion or tanking. While I agree Team B is getting a better trio, who's to say what the future holds? Managers should be able to trade how they want with their teams within reason and this is clearly within reason.

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      • You must be one of those trade mongers. Love to listen to the "no one should do anything unless collusion," what a bunch of hogwash. League votes can veto a trade based on 12 different reasons but you hold the commissioner to one single reason, that is baloney pure and simple!!!!! If the commissioner feels like the trade is "bogus" because of the unevenness then he has every right to veto it and should. If you are the commissioner and you want to treat trades that way then you go ahead but don't force your misinterpretation of the commissioner veto powers on everyone else. If you read Yahoo rules, there is NO where in them that states a commissioner can only veto because of collusion. Collusion is grounds for kicking out of the league or locking the owners out, a simple trade veto is NOT ENOUGH for collusion. This is a bogus trade and should be vetoed due to stats, potential, and a thousand other reasons.

      • Thanks, I do get tied up what I think is fair in my opinion, which is not always correct. I appreciate the feedback


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