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    Would You Veto? (Keeper-League Question) Please Reply

    OK, I took a team over this week. I am hopelessly in last place so i decided to go ahead & start building for next season. I made two trades, aiming at being better next season, and they were both vetoed. Check them out & let me know if you think they should have been. In my mind a trade is vetoed if someone is obviously throwing the trade of if someone that doesn't know much about basketball gets ripped off. This league keeps 5 keepers.

    The first deal i made was with the guy that's in first place. It was a win-win deal. He got a guy that's good in a hard to find category that's going to help him win the title this year. I got a nice building block for next season.

    Deal #1
    Traded: Larry Sanders
    Received: Al Horford
    Larry is just coming back off injury & if he plays up to his potential he's going to give you points, rebounds & blocks(lots of blocks). Horford is awesome but he's gone for the rest of the season. The pre-season rank of these two guys were 16 for Al & 25 for Larry.

    Deal #2
    Traded: Rudy Gay & Kemba Walker
    Received: Paul George & Luol Deng
    I really really really have no idea why this one was vetoed. I gave up two guys that are middle of the pack keepers for one top tier keeper & one guy that's not a lock to be a keeper. I don't see a thing wrong with this deal.

    If it were me & these trades were completed in one of my leagues i wouldn't have looked twice at either one. It absolutely blew my mind that they were vetoed. So, what does everyone else think?

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