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  • Jao-Juen Jao-Juen Dec 27, 2013 4:25 AM Flag

    What to do if our commissioner went dictator and reset the league without our consent?

    Our commish went Hitler on us and reset the league and set the draft so he can personally have the first ten picks of the draft. All of the members are furious, and he even shut down our rights to post message in our league. This is a crime against fantasy sport lovers. What can we do to fight this tryranny?

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    • Join a league with good commish. Lol. Sry dude that sucks though. If looking for a good keeper league I'm looking for one manager to take over a horrible team. 12 team keeper keep four players. Currently only three guys worth considering IMO with Wade deng and Dragic. But on the better side virtually guaranteed top 2 or three pick. Can rebuild around Parker or Wiggons in the draft. If any of you interested let me know. Would like a decent active manager to fill for dead beat.

    • You can't do anything really. That is why you have to join custom leagues with caution, or check the profile of commissioners before you join leagues. I myself do not join custom leagues often for this exact same reason.


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