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  • Rick Rick Dec 11, 2013 8:40 AM Flag

    Looking for managers for 10 team H2H league with special rules

    This is a 10 team H2H rotisserie league with SPECIAL RULES.
    These are the rules.

    This league is a special KEEPER league where we will each choose 3 teams instead of drafting players.
    Every year,we will each get to choose 1 team from the teams that you have,then we will have 2 rounds for the remaining teams.
    You can pick any of the players from your 3 teams for your roster,but picking up or trading for players that are not on your teams is not allowed.
    To make it fair,I am going to make 10 sets of teams that have about the same amount of strength according to the standings right now for you guys to choose from.
    First come,First serve.

    Pick one set of teams
    Trail Blazers/Lakers/Jazz

    If you are interested in joining,please send me an invite at rik19753atgmaildotcom
    I will send you an invite

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