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  • Alfy Alfy Sep 30, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    Looking for managers..

    Ever wanted one or two more picks during your draft?? Well we have 3 more picks to use at your disposal throughout the season, the kicker is that we will give you 8 moves (no trades) for the rest of the season. Players are on waivers throughout the week, giving everyone a fair chance at picking up players off of the wire. Our league is trying to avoid two things, lopsided trades, and managers who bail themselves out of a bad draft by add/dropping daily. Most of us can't sit on the computer 24/7 at work and be the first to pick up players off the FA lists when someone gets injured or traded. We are aiming to be the fairest league possible, cuz we wanna see who the best manager is, not the best opportunist or techy. Good luck and enjoy your fantasy season, and hope to see you in our league.


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