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    1st Year 12 Team Auction/Contract League ( Need 7 managers)


    -This league requires a long term commitment to, and enjoyment of, fantasy basketball.Number of Teams:
    -At the moment the league consists of 12 franchises.

    Team Names:
    -A city name and a team nickname (names need to be approved by the commissioner).

    Franchise League:
    -The league uses player salaries and contracts, with free agency and a rookie draft in the off-season.
    -Simulating a professional league, all players under contract remain on your roster for the next season.
    -As a GM you are responsible for signing FA, drafting rookies, and making trades. Each decision will have an impact on your team.


    -We will use yahoo fantasy basketball to facilitate the league.
    -Scoring will be Head to Head style in the categories of:
    -FG %
    -Total Points
    -3PT Made
    FT %
    -Total Rebounds
    *The Strategy*
    -In General, the Head to Head style makes managers build more "well-rounded" teams, finding the pieces that fit together. It's not enough to simply find players who produce...you need players who compliment each other. This stimulates the realistic challenge of trying to build a team with good chemistry.

    Roster/Position/ # of Games
    -During the season our teams will have a 15 man roster.
    -Our submitted starting lineups will have only the five traditional positions:
    Salary cap
    -What could be more fun the simulating the distress of an NBA salary cap?
    -Yes, our league will be spun around the concepts of finance, and monetary calculation.

    -Each franchise will have a salary cap of $60 Million. It's a "hard cap".
    -You CAN NOT go over the limit in trades or free agent signings. This includes all transactions during FA. Be sure to take into account all trades/FA bids during the off-season.

    Player contracts range in length from 1 to 4 years, there is no limit to the amount of money a players contract can have per yer as long as it fit under that team's cap.

    If interested leave e-mail

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