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  • James O. James O. Aug 29, 2013 9:43 AM Flag

    New money / keeper league starting

    We are starting up a new basketball league that will be h2h, salary based, lots of features....we like it to fill like you are a real GM managing a team. We do baseball and football and are finally adding basketball. I cant post links here so i'll try to spell it out lol...if you visit f s c e n dot the normal three letter ending (think commercial lol) you can see some of our existing leagues.

    Constitution will be discussed once we have the main core join up so we can iron out all the details. It will be a money league. Haven't decided on $150 or $200 per team yet. We do $200 in all of our other ones so that's prolly what we'll aim for.

    If you re interested please let me know. Thanks!


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