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  • Shaneooo Shaneooo Mar 25, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    Commish enabled Cheating...please respond ASAP

    I am in a league called NationalBallersAssociation and I've suspected for a while that 3 managers are friends helping each other. What I mean is, earlier in the season before the trade deadline Team #3 who was out of the running to make the playoffs traded his best player for basically nobody. Thomas Robinson, MWP and Manu for Wade, Deng and Gasol. The trade settings were not league votes and the commish let this go through. It took myself and one other manager to argue that this be vetoed and it finally was.

    They changed to trade to Wade and Bradley for Manu, Scola, MWP, Favors.

    At this moment only one of those 3 guys are in the league still, and the guy who trade Wade dropped Loul Deng (2 weeks into the playoffs) and 1 minute later was picked up by the last remaining member of the trio.

    I naturally called them out of this b.s. and now they locked me from editing my team. Is there anything anybody can do to help me in this situation? There is no excuse for locking someone who is active in the playoffs because you are being called out for cheating. Please help!

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    • this is y i only go into leagues where i know everybody. sorry that this happened. its total bs

    • Did you report the commish for unfair behavior? That sounds quite rigged and BS to me. sometimes you gotta just let it go even if you're a good team. but do your best to go against that bs commish. commish approving is easier than league votes but if the commish is a d bag then it should just be league votes. i guess you got unlcuky dude : (. maybe you can join my league next year : P. i'm not a d bag commish

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      • I can't get in contact with anyone. Yahoo doesn't give a #$%$ about the experience we have, as long as there are heaps of us online so they can sell add space. Now that he put all my players to the bench and has locked me from making any comments he and his buddies are mocking me on the league page.

        As for your offer, how intelligent are the managers? I've hated this year having to put together crazy trades to get player movement. Most managers can't see past the players names, it is quite amateurish.


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