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  • Besi Besi Mar 5, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    DRose for Conley vetoable??

    Rose is being traded for conley. Is this fair? Personally I think its risky, but not vetoable. But there are different opinions from other league players. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

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    • I personally hate veto's on trades.

      My personal view is that no trade will EVER be 100% even or fair.

      Trading players has to do with each players PERCEPTION and value of players.
      For example, my value of Serge Ibaka is VERY high, and I may not even trade him for say....a Kobe Bryant. (tho some of you may think I'm crazy, but you dont know the whole story (rosters, needs etc)

      Another major factor is INJURIES (as in this case) is that Rose is injured and may not come back or play up to his usual stats. What if Rose doesnt play? Then whoever got him loses in that deal.
      Another scenario is if someone gets hurt right when the trade goes through. Nothing you can do about that. I traded Bargnani and Tyreke Evans for Aldridge and then Bargs got hurt during the 2 day trade processing.

      Also, it depends on the current assets of each team. What if the team with Conley already has 3 good point guards and can afford to take a chance and get Rose? You never know know. What if someone gave up Carmelo for Sanders and it went through. AND then they won their blocks point and won 5-4 each week in the playoffs because of blocks?

      FINALLY, the final judgement on how "fair" a trade is, is based on their performance AFTER the trade. For example, I recently traded my stashed Danny Granger (3 week stash) for Chandler Parsons right before he came back. So obviously Granger has not played up to his numbers last year, but nobody knew that until AFTER he came back.

      If two people decide on a trade that will make them both happy, then I say let it go.

      As long as there is no collusion involved and it doesnt seem too lopsided.

      There are too many unknowns involved in trades, not to mention, each persons NEGOTIATION skills are definitely skewed.

      I really hate when other people veto a trade because strictly their point of view, OR even worse, then veto a trade because IN THEIR OPINION, it will help their opponent.


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