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    Gridiron GM Fantasy Football League

    1. Gridiron GM Fantasy Football League

    A. Player contracts, a salary cap, free agency and an
    annual rookie draft are all used to simulate the management of a
    professional football team.
    B. All players under contract remain on your roster for the
    following season.- The league is free... played just for bragging
    rights, interests sake.
    C. The league consists of 14 "franchises".
    D. The Top 6 Teams will qualify for the playoffs. Top 2 Teams will receive 1st Round Bye
    E. We'll use Yahoo!'s free fantasy football to facilitate the league

    2. Rosters & Scoring

    A. Franchises can sign 27 players to contract.

    B. Three Injured Reserve (IR) spot will be given to each franchise. These are
    to be used in the event that a player is put on IR by his NFL team and is
    thereby ineligible to play again that season.

    C. Lineup
    Consists of

    D. Scoring

    ~ 25 yards passing ... 1pt
    ~ Passing touchdown.... 6pts
    ~ Interception thrown ... (-2)pts
    ~ 10 yards rushing ... 1pt
    ~ Rushing Touchdown ... 6pts
    ~ 10 yards receiving ... 1pt
    ~ Reception ... 0.5pt
    ~ Receiving Touchdown ... 6pts
    ~ Fumble lost ... (-2)pts
    ~ Extra point ... 1pt
    ~ FG made (0 - 39 yards) ... 3pts
    ~ FG made (40 - 49 yards) ... 4pts
    ~ FG made (50 + yards) ... 5pts
    ~ DEF touchdown ... 6pts
    ~ Sack...2pts
    ~ Interception...3pts
    ~ Solo Tackle...1pt
    ~ Tackle assists...0.5pt
    ~ Fumble Recovery...3pts
    ~ Safety...2pts
    ~ KR/PR touchdown...6pts
    ~ KR/PR 25 yards Ret...1pt

    3. Salary Cap and Player Contracts

    A. Franchise budgets are capped at $75 million.

    B. The MAXIMUM contract length for any player is 5 years

    C. Contracts are not "guaranteed", and they can be terminated at any time.
    (However, contracts will require BONUS money - money that is paid up
    front, and will still count against the cap (pro-rated) if a contract is
    terminated before it runs out.)

    D. Salaries (first number is salary, second is bonus):

    minimum (0,0), $1 million (1,0), $2 million (2,0), $3 million (2,1), $4 million (3,1), $5 million (4,1), $6 million (4,2), $7 million (5,2), $8 million (6,2), $9 million (6,3), $10 million (7,3), $11 million (8,3), $12 million (8,4), $13 million (9,4), $14 million (10,4), $15 million (10,5), $16 million (11,5), $17 million (12,5), $18 million (12,6), $19 million (13,6), $20 million (14,6)

    - These salaries are then multiplied by a number of years to give a total
    price for a player. (eg. Player 1: $5 million (4,1)- 3 years)

    - Simply, every multiple of 3 requires a new level of BONUS.

    - Bids are only in integers (eg. 1mill, 2mill...NOT $5.25 mill etc...)

    - Minimum bids are $0 million, 1 year deals. There is no maximum bid

    - Any deal of 3 years or longer requires a minimum bid of $3 million

    4. Terminating a Player Contract

    A. Penalties

    - Contracts may be terminated at any time to clear cap room, however,
    BONUS money will still count against your cap, as follows:


    Player A has a three year contract:
    2013 - $7 million = $5 mill base, $2 mill bonus
    2014 - $7 million = $5 mill base, $2 mill bonus
    2015 - $7 million = $5 mill base, $2 mill bonus

    If cut, the team would free up $5 mill in cap room for
    2013 (lose the base amount, but not the bonus)

    Bonus money from the remaining years is then grouped
    together, and this combined amount is counted against the
    cap the FOLLOWING season.

    - The team would have $4 million in HIDDEN cap costs for 2014
    ($2 million bonus from each of 2014 and 2015).

    - There would be no cap penalty in 2015, player is off the

    Note: In the event that a player under contract dies, the contract for that player will be terminated from a GM's roster.

    5. Trades

    A. Franchise GM's may trade any combination of players and draftpicks, as
    long as both teams remain under the salary cap.

    Any player you TRADE AWAY will NOT incur bonus penalties to your salary cap, which is different if you terminated his contract.

    6. Rookie Draft

    A. Each year, franchise GM's will conduct a two-round rookie draft via an
    off-season message board.

    B. Players eligible will be those who were recently drafted in the NFL entry

    - Rookie contracts will all be 4 year deals for Round 1, 3 year deals for Round 2. There are no Bonuses attached to Rookie Contracts

    Pick #1: $5 million x 5 years

    Pick #2: $4 million x 5 years

    Pick #3: $4 million x 5 years

    Pick #4: $3 million x 5 years

    Pick #5: $3 million x 5 years

    Pick #6: $3 million x 5 years

    Pick #7: $3 million x 5 years

    Pick #8: $3 million x 5 years

    Pick #9 $2 million x 5 years

    Pick #10 $2 million x 5 years

    Pick #11 $2 million x 5 years

    Pick #12 $1 million x 5 years

    Pick #13 $1 million x 5 years

    Pick #14 $1 million x 5 years

    All Second round picks (#15-#28): $1 million x 4 years

    So Notice,
    - The first pick carries considerably more SALARY than the others, so as in
    the NFL there is some consolation for finishing last, but also a higher salary for the #1 Pick.
    - Drafting a productive player is very beneficial, as rookie salaries will
    likely be cheaper than well-known free agents.

    Signing Rookie Picks
    - Rookie picks will NOT be signed to contract automatically upon being
    drafted, but GM's will have to declare their signings afterwards on the
    off-season message board.

    - This allows GM's to trade their picks if teams don't have enough cap room
    to sign their picks.

    - Rookies will have to be signed before we go to Yahoo! otherwise they will
    be put into the FA pool to begin the season

    7. Franchising a Player
    - Between the end of the season and beginning of Free Agency each team will have the option
    of claiming 1 player their "Franchise Player".
    - Franchised players will be awarded a 1 year contract matching the highest paid salary in the league at the same position
    - Team must have loyalty on player.
    - Franchising a Player can only be used once every 3 years

    8. Free Agency

    - The minimum bid in free agency is a minimum contract x 1 year
    - A bid is secured if ONE FULL DAY pass without the player receiving a
    better offer. (Bids will be secured at 11pm ET on the second day)
    - Bidding will be done via an off-season message board.
    - You may only bid as high as your current Free Cap Room allows. You can
    NOT go over the cap at any time. You also cannot go over the roster limit
    of 27 players at any time during FA. Multiple bids are allowed.
    - All bids in FA are for a set salary and a set number of years.
    - Offensive and Defensive players will be combined evenly within Free Agency. Kickers will be bid on separately
    - A "BETTER" bid is one of the following, in this order:

    1. Higher dollar amount
    2. Equal dollar amount, with "Loyalty" (explained below)
    3. Equal dollar amount, with more "Prestige Points" (explained below)
    4. Equal dollar amount, with a better standing last season
    5. Equal bid but with more money put up instead of contract length. (eg. $4 million x 3 years= $12 million beats $3 million x 4 years= $12 million)

    - Franchises retain loyalty on all players on their roster at the end of the
    season. This means that you only have to match the highest bid, not beat
    it, to retain these free agents. All things equal, players wish to re-sign
    with their current clubs.

    - These will be explained more later, but basically you earn more prestige
    points for advancing further and further into the playoffs.

    - Prestige points gained in the past 3 years only will be considered during
    free agency. All things equal, players would prefer to sign with a team
    that has had some recent success (assuming bids are equal, and neither
    team has loyalty)

    - If bids are still equal at this point (equal dollars, neither has loyalty,
    equal prestige points), then the player will sign with the team who
    finished higher in the standings the previous season.

    9. League Dynamics

    Prestige Points
    - We need a way to keep score, over the long-term. We will do
    so using "Prestige Points"
    - Points will be awarded for advancing into the playoffs, and having teams/players as part of the following as voted by the NFL.

    1st Place 15 Prestige Points
    2nd Place 10 Prestige Points
    3rd Place 8 Prestige Points
    4th Place 7 Prestige Points
    5th Place 5 Prestige Points
    6th Place 3 Prestige Points
    7th Place 2 Prestige Points
    8th Place 1 Prestige Point
    9th to 14th Place 0 Prestige Points
    NFL MVP- 1 Prestige Point
    Offensive MVP- Defensive MVP- 1 Prestige Point
    Offensive ROY- Defensive ROY- 1 Prestige Point
    Comeback POY 1 Prestige Point
    Rivalry Week Win 1 Prestige Point

    - As explained earlier, Prestige Points gained in the past 3 seasons will be
    one of the tiebreakers for free agency bids.


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