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  • Marco Marco Feb 27, 2013 3:04 AM Flag

    2 trades vetoed by Commissioner

    The Commissioner in our league has vetoed 2 recent trades claiming each time that one of the teams involved in the trade cannot make the playoffs (the other team is in playoff position), therefore, he vetoed even though there were no objections to either trade. The trade deadline is not until March 7. Of course the Commissioner's team is battling for one of the last playoff spots. Did the Commissioner make the right calls?

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    • It depends if this is a keeper league than every team has the right to make a trade.

    • its my opinion that if a team is eliminated or has no realistic chance to make the playoffs, then they shudnt be making any trades.... the point of a trade is to improve ur team and give yourself a better chance to win but if ur eliminated and cant win either way then what is the point.... i would view the eliminated person as classless for making a trade, however i would find no fault for the team still in contention making a trade because they are still alive and trying to win.... of course all of this changes were it to be a keeper league, then the eliminated team wud have every right to try and better their team for next year.... anyway, this is just my opinion


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