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    Major Trade Help Needed!

    So I just traded Lebron and Bosh for Carmelo, Curry & Aldridge. Yes, nice upgrade from the original three players I started off with this season. My original team included Tim Duncan, Deron Williams & Rudy Gay but I traded those players for Lebron James & Chris Bosh four weeks ago and after a nice three game win streak to solidify my playoff dreams I was able to pull off another big trade. So now I'm working on one more big one.

    THE QUESTION: I'm trying to get Monta Ellis on my team but it's gonna take giving up John Wall & George Hill to get him. Wall was on my team last year and averaged 36 fantasy points a game then. This season he's up and down but maybe he'll settle in soon but Ellis is way better so should I give up Hill & Wall to acquire Monta? That would give me three top notch PG's (Curry, Parker & Ellis).

    MORE INFO: Hill is averaging 34.7 fantasy points a game this season but I also have Danny Granger stashed away on the bench. He comes back Saturday so I don't really need Hill on my team or maybe I don't need Granger on my team. The playoffs begin in five weeks so Granger should be back to decent health by then but is he going to put up 36 fantasy points a game like last season? He has Paul George taking away good minutes but Hill will score less too with Granger back.

    DIRTY: This league only has five starting positions (PG, G, F, C, & Utl). It's best to have players from different teams that way you have more players playing every night of the week. It's confusing but brings in a different aspect to the game. You have to be able to bring in short term players off the waiver wire to fill empty roster gaps, then drop them when you don't need them again. It keeps you on your toes. Only the strong survive.

    Here's my current roster: (every position is valuable for fantasy points, no position excels more than another)

    (PG)Stephen Curry
    (G)Tony Parker
    (F)Carmelo Anthony
    (C)LaMarcus Aldridge
    (Utl)Paul Pierce

    George Hill
    John Wall
    Danny Granger
    Anthony Davis

    The top players are like my starting five. You want a good solid starting roster and a decent bench. But you need to make sure the bench doesn't play on the same nights as the starters. That's where having roster gaps helps. I've got two open roster spots so I can freely add and drop players each week to fill the gaps...if needed. Lately I've been crushing my matchups so I don't need to add and drop as often.

    Help me out if you made it this far through this post. Hill & Wall for Ellis?


    -1st Place

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