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  • RocknRef RocknRef Feb 6, 2013 3:56 AM Flag

    My Team Logos

    I spent a lot of time getting my custom logos up for my fantasy basketball teams. I really do not appreciate Yahoo deleting them mid-season. What the heck is a gravatar anyway and why do I need to re-do the work in the middle of the season?!?!?

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    • This Gravatar thing is stupid its a pain in da butt i had custom pics in a 16 team league and now almost all of us has to do it again?! they could forget it! Yahoo messed this up BIG TIME!!!!!!!Thanks for ruining a fun thing we had going. Yahoo needs to get rid of it!!!!!!

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      • I totally agree with all. This is #$%$. Yahoo didn't even give any reason at all as to why this was needed. I mean really I cant use Megatron as my sign in with a pic of an exclamation point as my avatat ugh. With that said I don't see myself and my leagues moving just yet, truth is Yahoo leagues are free and do give a decent amount of services. As soon as they charge though may head somewhere else

    • I love Yahoo and their fantasy sports but this is like David Stern putting in that new NBA ball without consulting everybody. Gravatar seems awful and forcing everyone to change for no particular reason is a terrible idea. Also we can only have 1 image per e-mail address at a time so enjoy having NBA logos on your baseball team. Just get rid of it Yahoo!

    • agreed. this is bullsqueeze. yahoo blows more and more everyday. looks like i'll be moving the rest of my leagues to espn.


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