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  • G.Lee G.Lee Feb 3, 2013 4:26 PM Flag


    Trade 2:

    I get:

    David West
    Javale Mcgee
    Ty Lawson

    I give:

    Marc Gasol
    D. Lillard


    My team before the trade.

    G: lillard, singler, alonzo gee, ben gordon, ariza

    F: jeff green, jamison, derrick williams, horford, josh smith, marresse speights, luol deng,

    C: monroe, marc gasol

    This is a 14 man H2H league with YAHOO default categories. The best person on the waiver wire is dalembert, marvin williams, and anthony morrow lol

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    • I think you shouldnt do this at all. First your giving the 2 best players in the deal away. When I look at your team I'm going to assume your at the very least fighting for a playoff spot. ( I'm in the same type of league). I think you do need to make a trade but nothing so drastic. You have strength in your F slots. I would see if you could trade a forward for a pg of equal quality. Smith for Greivus maybe..

    • Not bad, but see if you can get a pf-c instead of mcgee...

    • Wow, it's hard to tell. Lillard and Ty are playing great as well Gasol and West. Maybe you are doing this trade because the other guy is offering you McGee too, but he's injured right now. But if you wait a little longer (feb 21, trade deadline) if Mozgov is available, you should take him. IMO, he's better than McGee except McGee is more athletic and Denver aren't benching a guy with a contract of $ 44 M. Is your choice. For me, Gasol is more crafty (he's a good passer, better than West) and Lillard logs more minutes than Ty.


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