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  • Craig Craig Jan 23, 2013 7:15 AM Flag

    Veto This Trade?

    Normally I wouldn't even ask this question because if people want to trade then let them trade. Who am I to tell them no... but this is an odd case:

    9 category Roto league, 10 teams... technically 9 because one manager never turned up. I couldn't find another manager so held a Dispersal Draft and put scrubs on the team 10

    So... One manager (call him Joe) never checks his team... has only logged in twice since Decmber 21st! Why did he log in? To make the following trades:

    Joe logged in on January 11th and dealt Josh Smith, Steph Curry and George Hill to Team A for Blake Griffin, Brandon Jennings and Brandon Knight

    I called BS on that trade since Knight is essentially junk even in a 10 team league but as stated above I let people trade whenever they want cause it's their team!

    Joe returned today... logging in to trade Aldridge, Wade, Bosh and Mayo to Team A for Noah, Nelson, Evans and Matt Barnes

    Team A manger is obviously cocky as can be now... thinks he's got a juggernaut team coming his way because he#$%$ a home run on this trade...

    but is it fair?

    I suspect collusion... because of the Griffin/Jennings/Knight for Smith/Curry/Hill swap.

    Now, normally I wouldn't say squat... but this is fishy... isn't it? Dude logs in once in a blue moon and here he is helping out the same guy twice?

    Long story short: Am I being Paranoid or is this dodgy? And if it's dodgy how do I as Commish kill the deal?

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