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  • Arthur Brown Arthur Brown Dec 31, 2012 11:30 PM Flag

    I need 3 replacement managers ...

    Once you join the league you will see clearly why this clown was dismissed ... You was invited in our league not the other way around ... So if your team is doing so good why complain about a few random changes ... Pimps don't cry but bitchez it seems do ... My bad I know you mad but you was way outta line and that why you are out ... Don't ever expect a commish to resign for your lame #$%$

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    • You just didn't have enough class to do the right thing did you Arthur. I am not mad, I am just disappointed for the league that you have destroyed. You can replace everyone over and over again but it just won't change Arthur, because you won't change. I just need to do the right thing and warn everyone, but you don't get that either, do you.

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      • Allow to demonstrate my level of class my friend ... I wanna start out by saying truthfully from my heart that losing you as a manager was bad for our league ... First off you're a great active manager and you participate in discussions ... You know how to win and you're competitive spur is of the charts ... But you have to also understand ethics and respect ... Yes our schedule is a bit different then some other leagues that you've played in and my response to that is that this is not that other league ... You really think for one moment that I wanted to replace you ... Even after you cast your poll and it returned a vote in my favor for the trade review and approval ... You guys never honored the results after two weeks and I was still doing business as usual even thou the poll gave me the power to make changes ... I honored your request to do the business your way and still got deals done ... Now you wanna rant on my thread about how unfair I am ... I really think you are very lonely and that would probably explain why your so damn good cause maybe it is that you ain't got nobody else to do ... Whatever it is ... I just wanna say old love to have you back in but I got pride issues so ... I feel like I honored your request and replaced your #$%$ ... Problem solved ... No more drama ... No more bitchez

    • 2 more teams available

    • 1) Never change settings after season has started. 2) Sounds like a #$%$ league and with all the leagues to choose from why would anyone join this one.


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