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  • J.W. J.W. Dec 31, 2012 10:04 PM Flag

    I need 3 replacement managers ...

    1) Took over an unmanaged team and made a trade with himself, somehow thought that this was O.K. 2) Randonizes the schedule every week or two, I played the same team twice in 3 weeks, somehow thinks this is cool. 3) penalizes the losing teeams each week by giving the winning teams extra waiver budget money making it harder for the lower teams to complete, thinks this is somehow fair. 4) Every one is complaining so he makes 3 co commishes to make things fair, but when we make things fair he recinds the co commishes and replaces us as managers. I was replaced while I was in third place just a game and 1/2 out of the lead. I am o.k. being gone but be warned. Happy new year all

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